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Some Basics


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Some of you may already know this, but for those who don't, I thought I'd share some stuff I have learned.   We will start with a blank Panel and put down a piece of Track.  The Track is about 3 CM above the base.Eltrack.jpg

This is not normal for real railroads or for Model Railroads.  


Below the window, you will see Controls.  Notice the Adjust Terrain Button.   It will raise track bed from the base to meet the track.


We've raised the road bed to meet the rails, Now let's change the way that the rails look.Texture.jpg

Notice the circled area.   This is a track texture.   We will change it to Middle Brown Ties 


Click Track Bed to take the gravel out, and since this track is abandoned, we will let it get overgrown with Ivy by painting Ivy Texture on the track and down the sides of the bed.Ivy.jpg




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