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How to uncouple a locomotive


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I´m new in 3D Train Studio. I don't speak german, so i have to ask in english.

Is there any key or command to uncouple a locomotive from the rest of the wagons. I know it's posible drawing it away with the mouse, but I´d like todo it with a key or a command.

Thanks in advance.

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I don't know, whether you can read German articles from this forum.
Supposing, that you can, I want to refer to this article, where I have described how an uncoupling track can be created by editing the properties of a double-slip switch with the "track editor" of the 3D Train studio. Furthermore, you can find the 2 demo railroad layouts "Demo mit 1 Entkupplungsgleis" and "Demo mit 2 Entkupplungsgleisen" within the category "experimentelle Anlagen" (experimental layouts) of the online catalog, where the uncoupling track is integrated and managed by the event handling feature. These railway layouts are also described here.

Many greetings

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what RailroadLand (BahnLand) is trying to say is that there is a way to take a Double Switch and edit the settings so that it looks like a single straight piece of track.  when the train is stopped with the center of this special switch directly between two cars, you can then flip this switch (Via event) and disconnect the cars.

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Let's continue.    select a nice double switch (or double slip) and we will edit itUncouple.jpg

see the word edit circled.  That starts the Track Editor.


This is the Track editor.  In the box area are the default settings for this switch.  We will change them as follows:

1,  Spur 1  length1 should be a nice even number (Say 20)

2.  Spur 2 length1 should be the same

3  Spur 3 and 4 should be exactly half of 1 (10)

4  Radius for 3 and 4 should be  very small  (say 0.01)

5 set the angle for 3 and 4 to 30

6  set the cross angle to 180


now the track looks like a straight track, but is in fact a special switch


positions 1 and 2 will uncouple,  3 and 4 will allow train to pass through.


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