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Can I create Customized Folders ?


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Hello everyone,

Thanks to EASY and NEO I know now that I can save in my library an object (in my case 'tracks') that I have edited from an existing object, using CATALOG -> 3D MODELS NEW -> SELECTION. Of course I can then choose the EXISTING category where I save it (for instance "railroad" -> "tracks" -> "Atlas"). But my edited object is very specific, it is the N 55 series. I would like to create a FOLDER named "55 N"  (for instance). Is it possible to do that ?

Thank you so much.

Virginia, USA

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Hello Oliver,

it is not possible for users to create category folders in the catalogue. I have maintained a lot of track sytems for 3D-TS. Since I have discovered that there is Atlas_N code 55 in use I will set up the track system for you.

I have not found complete dimensions for the turnouts on the Internet. There is no information about the radii used. But that would be important to create matching reverse curves for the turnouts. Can you help me ? A scan of the switch # 5, # 7 and # 10 would be sufficient.

please be patient,

Regards, Henry

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Dear Henry, you are so very kind. And thank you also for answering my question.

Unfortunately I do not have any actual rail tracks.... It is my dream one day to build a true N scale layout using ATLAS 55 and that is why I love 3DTS so much because until I can do so I can design the layout of the my dreams according to the space I will have. 

I am not sure if that PDF document can help:
http://download.atlasrr.com/TrackCat2010/18-46 N Track.pdf
[PAGE 8 thru PAGE 11]

Many thanks to you Henry.



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PS: the Atlas Planning Software (free and very basic) gives many dimensions when you mouseover any N 55 track. That is what I used to modify existing tracks to N55. In fact it is thanks to that software that I discovered and bought 3DTS :) 

(Download link is http://download.atlasrr.com/AtlasTPS_Setup_0_9_32b.exe as you will see on the page in question)




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