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Tunneling with panels.


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Rather than using tunnel objects to line a tunnel I used the three panel method instead.

I made the cut-outs in the main landscape for the openings as usual,
then created a small flat panel for the tunnel floor using coal for the texture to make it dark.

The liner I made from another small panel using the track itself to raise that landscape to match the track geometry and used the same dark texture.
Then I lined everything up and played with the cut-outs to make the joins as good as my patience would allow...

I used a couple of bridges for the openings and surrounded them with some rectangular primitives with a concrete texture to cover up the nasty hole edges.
(I don't care for the black wall entry curtain most tunnel opening objects have...)

Looking at it again, I should probably change the track bed to make it darker in the tunnel, or perhaps raise the floor a little to cover it.

The texture change where the main landscape meets the floor tends to be a bit pixilated, so adding some other forced object, like a cement block or some such might be prudent.

An issue arises because of the current MBS lighting system. The inside view of the exit object is lit like it is daylight. I need to figure out how to mask that somehow.






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