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Really dont know what to say....


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Hello Trevor,

please have a look to the "Looping" layout in the online catalog.


There is also a modified layout named "Acrobatic" from "Le petit" in in the section "Experimentelle Anlagen".

You can start both layouts by opening the signal. Close the signal again to stop the train.

Many greetings

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As cool as all that is... it leaves me wondering about the math being used in MBS.

At a high enough speed... maybe a train could make it round that loop... but not at a crawl.

Something is amiss with the math with the auto speed turned on. It seems to only drop to a minimum of 10% of the demand speed.

Further, in general. an application like this should be fully capable of handling proper acceleration and deceleration based on weights, friction, slopes and turns for any given train with a defined locomotive thrust or braking component.

That is, if I load up my empty cars on a train, one should expect it to accelerate slower (if at all) and only be able to maintain a lower speed.
Braking distance should be likewise affected.

As it currently stands.. users need to fake all that... assuming they understand the dynamics.

Further, gravity is severely missing in MBS.

It would also be cool if trains de-railed when trying to make a turn too fast...

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