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Two questions


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Hi guys. 

I have two questions... 

1. I am planning to buy a new laptop. Is there a way to transfer my projects from the old to the new laptop? 

2. Is it possible to adjust the models, like for instance a policecar, to paint in the colours of ur country, my case Belgium. Or make changes to the model? 


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Hi @raf.sonneville.

sorry for the late reply.

Assumed you have setup your 3D Train Studio in Englisch, klick "Settings" on the home screen and then in the middle of the screen you can adjust a path for the location of the backup file. Install 3D Train Studio on the new laptop and use "Restore".

Because you did not mention your version of 3D Train Studio there are two possibilities:

  • in v3 you can not adjust the models
  • in v4 there will be the possibility to use exchangable graphic-files if the model is prepared for it. But right now there are only a few models which allow this.

Anyway there is a way which will work in both versions. Use "3D models - Extra - Primitives" which you can texture with your own graphic-files and put these over the car you want to modify. Be aware to "connect" the primitives to the bas model with the chain-symbol in the lower right corner of the screen.


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