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Looking for template to make new track texture...


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Hi all,

I am new to the simulator and would like to try to make a new track texture. But I can not find any downloadable graphics template I can work on. And I cant seem to find a way to download one from the online library and then replace it with a new image.

Is the such a track texture template anywhere online? Or can I find a link in a PDF guide?


Kind regards,



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Ok, turns out you can export a texture template to the .dds format. And then open it in a graphics editor with a .dds import plugin ( I use Photoshop CC with a freeware .dds plugin)

It opens as a 512x256x72 RGB 8 bit image.

Then you can create a new texture with the right track and ballast graphics at the right positions and save it as a .jpg.

This .jpg can then be imported as a track texture.

Got to love reverse engineering :)


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