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adding sounds to a locomotive


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I have some Locomotives in my layout that do not have built in sound (Thanks goes to Reinhard for creating them), and I want to add certain sounds under certain conditions.  Can I read the speed of a locomotive, and depending on speed activate certain sounds?  I'm pretty sure the speed can be read when the locomotive is on a certain track, but can that speed then be checked against a value, (say > 10)

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Hello Curt,

you can read the locomotive's speed at every time. And you can check it against a specific value as shown below in case of a "train enters/leaves a track" event:


If you know the explicit name of the locomotive, naturally you can also specify the locomotive's name instead of the "_Trigger1" reference shown above.
See also the example below - e.g. assign speed 60 to the locomotive and look what happens.


Many greetings

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