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UK station platform

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I have created a section of UK platform as a road.This allows me to snap sections together and curve adjacent to track. All this is ok but I want to bend a section down to create a ramp. The problem is that the result has a gap in the top surface (see Picture) Any suggestions to remove the gap.


Bev Thompson

Screen Shot 13-09-19.jpg

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Hello Bev,

the reason because there is a gap in the top surface is, that the geometric spline line is located at height 0 and therefore at the bottom of your model. Because the bend which occurs when changing the gradient, is located on the spline line, there is always a gap or an overlap at positions above or below.

There a 2 possibilities to solve this problem:

  1. Prepare an addtitional short platform piece as a (normal) 3D-model containing a "_CP_Spline" contact point at the bottom. Then, you can place thos platform piece on the "platform track" and move it over the gap.
  2. Set the 0-level of you platform model to its top surface. When you pace this model onto the ground plate, it will be positioned with the top surface on the 0-level of the ground plate. Move it the up to the correct heigt position. When you now dock further platform models with different gradient, the bend will be realize on the top of the platform, so that there is no gap between the platform pieces.

Many greetings

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