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A few basics for beginners.


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I have been building layouts for a while, and discover new things to do all the time.   Here are a few tricks or tips for new beginners.

LANDSCAPING track beds.     

Roter Brummer and Bahnland have come up with a way to smooth the embankments on track beds when dealing with 2 tracks at different levels.   I usually lay track on a flat surface and adjust the landscape later.    

0.jpg.1cbf04ce3267777783cb7627ac95fce3.jpg here I have the base level at -70 mm.   (it's a below grade level and there will be levels above it) 

The track was originally at -63 mm.   and was then lowered to -69 mm (1 mm above the base plate)  

I set the terrain level to 100 mm and adjusted the terrain.

1.jpg.820de46d593b251448a25fd4de817050.jpgnow raise the track 1 mm to -68 mm and the terrain to 90 mm and adjust again

2.jpg.cb1fe4091197b31b331646ac24e5f488.jpg3.jpg.edb68df7cc961ba37c659ccf52294297.jpg4.jpg.6cc10a23ab33cb99c6f5ff9c07d6db27.jpgcontinue doing this til you reach the original track level.   Your terrain adjust should be at 40 mm at this point.

raise the track 1 more mm, and by checking the dimensions of the track (this is HO scale) you find that the track is 30 mm wide.

8.jpg.6ac115c99b5495accebf3fc674330642.jpg    set the terrain width to 30 mm and adjust again.  now drop the track 1 mm to original  track height.  looking at a more sideways view, you see the sleepers are part way embedded in the embankment, just like real track.9.thumb.jpg.5738c373125298b213b60336e77f88d0.jpg


I'm using V4 (too poor to upgrade right now :) )

10.jpg.2adb9419413713072b9e35c87684e7b7.jpg By creating a series of folders and labeling them properly, it is easier to find a particular set of instructions  


This is my "repair" train right camera event.  I have a toggle switch in view of the "repair top camera" and by toggling it, it activates the "repair Right Cam" then toggles the toggle switch that activated the right camera, and starts a 15 second timer.   I use the same timer for all cameras on the "repair train" and the instruction reactivates the top camera.




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Locomotive speed and stopping

MBS has a nice speed control (drehregler / tacho) and a decent stop switch (not aus), but they can take up valuable space if you place them in a cab or control area.


if you rescale the Not Aus button to .4 and raise the height by 6 mm, the two pieces fit quite nicely.


group them for final placement and final scaling then ungroup to connect them to the locomotive.

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if we carry the last idea one step further, we get this


This tiny camera, located in the tender, is aimed at the cockpit of the locomotive.   it shows this view


You have your speed control, stop, and 4 camera controls all handy.  Since the top camera (seen in first picture) is set to track the locomotive, it is always

properly centered.   The left and right camera toggles are for hidden cameras that are aimed out the front side windows.


track signal switches are all clickable from the camera views.


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Placing new Logos (service marks) on existing rolling stock for new look


This is the original locomotive and tender that I used for the passenger train. (original by Seal)


Here I have added logos on locomotive and tender to cover original markings as well as changing plate on boiler to indicate route.


here is the original passenger car.


changed the logo on passenger car.


another Locomotive and tender and cars.   The Original was Reinhardt's 119 and tender.   Full exchange textures created for this


closeup of Logo on Passenger car (original was by seal)

You can see that small changes can make things look different, and fit better in your layout.

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