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Hi arnyto

Yep, there is a way of doing it.

1) select all elements of that wagon. I. e. the wagon and every single piece of load as well as all the pads for placing the load (Abstellfläche für paletten) by crane.


2) once selected, group the lot. You may give the group also a new individual name.

3) go to Catalog/3D models/New from selection [Group].


Make sure that the group is still selected (active) otherwise the New from selection [Group] button will be pale and inactive.

4) in the window popping up click the little arrow next to save, and then save as.


5) in the window popping up type a name for the grouped model and if you wish a description.


That's all

now you have this group-model saved for future use in any layout you're working on. Just remember to look for it in the my3D models section not the online catalog. Also remember that the model is a group when pulling it into a layout. If you want to change arrangements of it or address it in the event management it might be better to un-group it so you can activate each component or select it in a scroll down menu easier. 



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