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european fret wagon


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vor 4 Minuten schrieb hubert.visschedijk:


Pas pour l'instant et pas même dans un futur proche.

Je dois faire beaucoup d'autres choses que je fais et mon travail de jour normal commence à me redonner beaucoup de travail.



no poblem i name you because i know your capacity and your talent for this! Have a good day and tell me what are your next models i m curious :)

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I am working on the Amtrak Surfliner.

The complete serie;

Engine; 11 models (model & animation ready)

Couch; 23 models (Model & animation ready)

Cabcar; 16 models (model ready & animation in progress)

Coffeelounge/Couch; 12 models (not started)

executive; 10 models (not started)

Total; 82 models

Allthough they look all the same, each have their own number and the interior is completly different.

With kind regards,


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