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Container transfer

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Trying to make a freight terminal.

There are plenty of containers, plenty of container waggons, plenty of flatbed lorries. And plenty of cranes that will pick up a container from one place and put it on another.

And they all seem to work fine. Except for one problem.


As you can see, the crane has placed the container perfectly on top of the flatcar... Except the top of the flatcar is 1m (scaled) above the bed of the flat car.

I have looked at every single flatcar available in the catalogue and they all have something sticking up above the load bed.

Is there something I'm missing here? And if so please could the solution be in English as I don't speak German.

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Hello, no

Its the only solution if the model isnt straight flat. Sometimes the model has an animation within; the sides can be opened and closed. MBS sees the top of the model as the floorlimit. So one vertical outsticking item of the model will be seen as the floorlimit.

The transparent container floors are made for that, so that the lift recognizes where to place to container. These floors need to be pined to the actual model.

If you take the wellcars for example. To place the containers within, you will need to add the wellcar floors.

These need to be pined to the wellcars. (Both models have CP points, so placing them is easy) The containers need to be placed onto the wellfloors which are flat objects instead of onto the wellcars themselves.

The wellcars themselves have sidings and MBS sees the top of the model as the floorlimit.


If have probebly found the model that you have used on your layout ? Have a look on the picture.

There might be a little failure in the model itself with a hidden item that hasnt been erased when it was build. Only the model in the middle is completly flat. The one on the left has higher pieces of the outter ends which will prevent also the loading of the containers exactly on the carfloor.



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