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Street extended ( Gizmo ) - ( Edit )


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Just to reduce the number of objects ( tracks ) I sometimes edit a track ( rail ) to another length with edit and geometry len/rad. 
I did the same with an ordinary street from the catalog, and it works not ( only in the beginning of the street ).
However good news : extends with the Gizmo works fine. 

Probably - if not my mistake - a known problem. I just wanted to give the remark here to other members.

Greetings, Herman

note : changing in the bad solution the "model only" to "road"; only makes the middle track available.

TEST street.mbp

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Hello @Goetz, thank you for the answer, this brought me to another reletad issue : are track objects changed with edit usable by others after publishing ?

Hello fellow members, 

If I use edit to make by example a virtual switch to use for walking people. ( works nice of course ).

The virtual switch keeps the same id nr as the virtual straight in the catalog.  This was the start of the switch.
Suppose a layout ( with the virtual switch in it ) is published on the internet, is it for others working as a switch ( as I hope ) or as a straight ?
Just to be sure.  

Thanks in advance for a short answer. I posed the same question aside in another topic ( primitive "ebene") but it was maybe not a clear question from me or it was probably overlooked by other members.

Greetings, Herman

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vor 36 Minuten schrieb Herman:

are track objects changed with edit usable by others after publishing ?

Yes, if you edit properties of an object on your layout and publish this layout for others to use, they too will see the changed object, just like you do.
However, when you add that changed object to your personal catalogue, it will not show up in other user's catalogues.

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