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Traffic light with just red and green?

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There isn't one - not that I can find anyway. Oh there's one with an arrow pointing to the side, one with a cyclist or pedestrian, but not one with a plane green light.

So I made my own!


It's the red and yellow one. I tried putting a blue filter but you get yellow light by mixing red and green. Adding blue actually gave me off-white! So I coloured the filter a nice bright green and added the glow. The filter is a circular primitive 1.4mm in diameter positioned just in front of the yellow lens. The texture on it is "Riffelblech" or "Checker Plate" which is a pretty close match to that on the red light. Come on, no-one's going to look at it that closely!

And finally there's the matter of making the light go on and off when the yellow light behind it does... 2114430298_Light4.JPG.23716506181bcdd01c672f8ce68e725f.JPG

My question is: is there a way of saving this along with it's code so that I can easily use it elsewhere?

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Hello Simon,

vor 42 Minuten schrieb simonjackson1964:

is there a way of saving this along with it's code

You may save (and import) it as a simple layout, containing nothing but the traffic light and the code.
No baseplate!



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Thanks Goetz. I didn't know you could do that!

How? I have managed to export the layout as a .mbp file but cannot see any way of importing it into anther layout. I managed to export it as a .mbe file, which I can import, but it didn't save the functionality. I'm clearly missing something.

Found it!

Paste From > Layout

Edited by simonjackson1964
Found the answer myself!
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