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Tank Wangons and Pipes. - Kesselwagen und Rohre

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(Please blame Google for any translation errors)

Brief summary of the situation so far:

I started out doing an experiment to see if I could make one of the aircraft models take off and land realistically. It has turned into my next major project.

(Bitte geben Sie Google für Übersetzungsfehler die Schuld)

Kurze Zusammenfassung der bisherigen Situation:

Ich begann mit einem Experiment, um zu sehen, ob ich eines der Flugzeugmodelle realistisch starten und landen lassen konnte. Es ist mein nächstes großes Projekt geworden.


The Problem:

You can just see in the corner a couple of big tanks holding aviation fuel. You can probably make out the road tankers that transport the fuel to the aircraft. And there's a long rake of tank wagons sitting there. But that part, specifically the rail terminal for fuel deliveries, is under construction...

And I'm trying to get this bit right...

Das Problem:

Sie können nur in der Ecke ein paar große Tanks mit Flugbenzin sehen. Sie können wahrscheinlich die Tankwagen erkennen, die den Treibstoff zum Flugzeug transportieren. Und da steht eine lange Reihe von Kesselwagen. Aber dieser Teil, speziell der Bahnterminal für die Treibstofflieferungen, ist im Bau...

Und ich versuche, dieses bisschen richtig zu machen...


It seems that no matter what combination of pieces I use, I cannot get the hoses to line up with the wagons all the way along. I've even tried different wagons.

Please will someone tell me if there is a guide somewhere (preferably in English, but if not I'll run it through Google Translate) that explains which parts to use for the various different wagons? Because I cannot get them to line up.



Es scheint, dass ich, egal welche Kombination von Teilen ich verwende, die Schläuche nicht vollständig mit den Waggons ausrichten kann. Ich habe sogar verschiedene Wagen ausprobiert.

Kann mir bitte jemand sagen, ob es irgendwo eine Anleitung gibt (vorzugsweise auf Englisch, aber wenn nicht, lasse ich sie über Google Translate laufen), die erklärt, welche Teile für die verschiedenen Wagen zu verwenden sind? Weil ich sie nicht zum Aufstellen bringen kann.

Vielen Dank.


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Each oiloader conecter piece is to be used with its indicated cars. This is to have the animation work exactly on the inlets of the wagons.

In the diferent model options you can see which car should be used with the model conector.

On the picture below an example. Please follow up if there are any issues.

With kind regards,



Download this layout to have a look on a combination i have set up to see which piece is used where...

Unfortenatly the inlet of the tankcar isnt exactly centralized. Thats why they all need to face the same direction, as you can see by the white stripes on the these cars.

The newer tankcars, the shell etc, are centralized. So those you can place in whatever position. But from those the texture is also identical on both sides.





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Hi Hubert,

Thank you for the advice and the test layout.

I was actually hoping that I was wrong, and that there was some secret combination of the oiler parts that I was not privy to. Finding I was correct is somewhat disappointing.

May I ask you to set up an oiling platform with 12 identical tanks? If you line the first tank up exactly, by the 11th one the hose is off the front (or back depending on your point of view) of the inlet.


The effect can be best demonstrated with two of the longer wagons. I tried it with the Texaco ones before creating this thread yesterday. Put two tank wagons on a track in the Y direction and copy the Y coordinate of the first wagon.


Place an oiler middle platform by the first tanker and and paste the Y coordinate.873027547_TexacoTanks2.thumb.JPG.28358d059edefda9ca482e30cbec3205.JPG

Repeat for the second tanker.


Logically, the distance between the oiler platforms should be the same as the distance between the central inlets of the tankers. But now place the "Texaco & Texaco" filler between the cars. It doesn't fit!

On my layout, using N Guage Arnold Spur N there is a gap. On your test layout I used a length of O guage track and there is a clear overlap.


I think it must be due to the scaling.



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Simon, that would mean i would have to redo everything....

But to explain the why...

Since i didnt have the models of the wagons to start with (except my tankcars), i had to take the spots of the inlets of all the other cars, by using the basic cube from MBS to more or less measure it. So very well possible that with the more cars you line up, it will start to go off somewhere..

A simple solution for you to make whatever you want.... but it is a mock-up....

I edited a model to try to help. Save it, because i dont think it will make the catolog.


Have a try.




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Thanks. Sorry to be the barer of bad news like that. I think Occam's Razor is the answer to this one. Use shorter rakes of waggons and line the one in the middle up correctly, thus halving the error at both ends!

But thanks for trying. It really is a great little model. Was that oil tanker terminal I saw - I think it was on V4 - yours? Because that inspired me!

Actually, it uses a very different set of parts, so probably not!

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