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Activate a route (that is not released yet) ?


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Hello, I need some help from the route specialists.
I started again a test route planning like I had in V6, but want to do it with routes in V7 (of course). 
I'm already a bit further but I will add the most simple version. F0C50114-E303-47C5-866B-AAD916A25EEC ( draft )
- blocking is done by activating the previous route. ( no problem with that )
- as in my V6, the route planning is done by a track contact before the route, it looks wich route to activate if a vehicle is there.
As you can see, it seems to work nice as long as trains demands for different routes. If a train is following another and asks for the same route ( that is not yet released * ) it does not work.  
Suggestions to solve it ? * To simulate what I want to demonstrate : stop a train long enough on Route1-2, only let him go if the next train is before Form Signal 01
Kind regards, and thanks for looking at it. Herman


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Hello Thomas, thank you, I will certainly look at it this afternoon. 
In the meanwhile Further testing gave me a solution. I want to share it. But it is not yet Eureka. And I do no not like it.
If trains demands different routes it works. So I made an identical  second route Route1-2bis. From Form Signal 01 to Form Signal2. The first train activates Route1-2, the second Route1-2bis.  Silly, but it works.
Thanks, kind regards, Herman

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2 hours ago, HaNNoveraNer said:

Hello @HaNNoveraNer, thank you for remembering me to this link. I read it before,  but :( I'm sometimes distracted and forget things. Anyway, the solution of @michellombart does the job. Now only waiting when Neo implements it in the studio. A big thanks to both of you (y) ! Regards Herman.  

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