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Trucks and trailers and junctions and tailgating

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Hi all.

I've raised this problem before, but it seems there isn't a fix for it. At a road junction, if two vehicles arrive at almost the same time, the one to arrive second gets placed immediately behind the other. With V7's advanced driving test, this is not such a problem. There are still impatient drivers tailgating the vehicle in front, but they now get to turn off when their target is different from the car in front.

But this is still a problem with any vehicle towing a trailer. The towing vehicle arrives first. The vehicle from the other direction arrives 2nd. Because the trailer is treated as a separate vehicle it arrives after the vehicle from the other direction and is placed third.

Does anyone have a simple solution to this because I would love to be able to put articulated lorries, caravans and other trailers on my layouts, but whenever I do they get detached and end up sitting in the road bocking the traffic.

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Hello Simon,

vor 7 Minuten schrieb simonjackson1964:

At a road junction

you need to implement controls to steer the traffic.

Traffic lights are the easiest, because they let specific lanes pass through periodically.
Other situations like junctions with Stop signs require more work.

What's identical for all situations, is the use of stop contacts. 

vor 11 Minuten schrieb simonjackson1964:

Does anyone have a simple solution to this

Traffic control is by no means simple, sorry.

Kind regards

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Thanks Goetz.

I had a feeling it might be the case.

That said, after posting the above I have tried to create a scenario where I could force it to happen, and I cannot. The car ends up either in front of the truck or behind the trailer. I'm wondering if there has been a bug fix that I didn't notice... I have re-introduced a trailer into the layout I'm working on with a chase-camera tied to it. Last time I did this it was fine until I wasn't watching, then I came back t find the trailer trundling along with no towing vehicle!


See what happens this time!

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