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Transformation and Rotation


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I was browsing the other day and came across this:

@Herman A very nice little layout.

But how do you get the containers off the trucks and back onto the trains?

This is one of the two events that does the job:


An I figured out that the script at the start is what moves the containers.

But the script...


Might as well be in Arabic or Ancient Sumerian...

I would love a quick tutorial on this? I can see it being so useful for cargoes of all types, or even wagons that need to be reset to their initial configuration after being shunted.



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18 hours ago, simonjackson1964 said:

I would love a quick tutorial on this?

Hello, @simonjackson1964 . I will try to make something here. Thanks for your reaction !  I will try to react very soon. 


17 hours ago, Little said:

Very good job

Hello @Little

Thank you very much. But much of the EV and Lua script concerning the routes can much, much shorter with my traject planning (just published). But it was not ready then. ( too much learning new V7 features, and still busy to understand a lot.

Kind regards, H

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Hello @simonjackson1964,

"Might as well be in Arabic or Ancient Sumerian..." or Schwäbisch :D , I hope not after this demo. ;)

First I wanted to make something in "Word" and put the .pdf here. But why not demonstrate in a layout ?
I put an explanation in each script. Hopefully  you have something on this demo ? transformations.thumb.jpg.b2310473a30d295451a7d519afa82d28.jpg



Kind regards, Herman (BE)

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corrected a little error in the mbp
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  • 4 weeks later...

Hello fellow members, hello @simonjackson1964 ,

I was wondering if a combination of this methods was able to put an object on top of another object. ( different from a label )
We just lacked the method to find the heigt of an object in previous posts.
But we can find the size of an object as vector ( x, y, z ) in the form of a Lua table. So I extended the demo, and want to share it with others.


So thank you Simon for your question, because I needed also this solution. :)

Kind regards, Herman

Put object on top of another object.mbp

( Of course you can do all this stuff with a crane from the catalog  )

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