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Broken route not detected as "route has to be rebuild"


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Hello, I only noticed this.
Above we see the original, with a route (orange) from signal02-signal03. Beneath I only extended the lower track. It is clear the route is broken. 
Indeed when activating the route with a vehicle on it, it does not react correct. Of course this behaviour is normal with a broken route, and I should rebuild it simply with an "apply". 
Why do I mention it ? There was never a warning we had to rebuild the route.  It's sneaky when you did not see it. :(

Hallo, das ist mir erst jetzt aufgefallen.
Oben sehen wir das Original, mit einer Strecke (orange) von Signal02-Signal03. Unten habe ich nur das untere Gleis verlängert. Es ist klar, dass die Strecke unterbrochen ist. 
In der Tat, wenn die Strecke mit einem Fahrzeug darauf aktiviert wirde,er reagiert  nicht richtig. Natürlich ist dieses Verhalten bei einer defekten Strecke normal, und ich sollte sie einfach mit einem "apply" wiederherstellen. 
Warum erwähne ich das? Es gab nie eine Warnung, dass wir die Strecke neu erstellen müssen.  Es ist heimtückisch, wenn man es nicht gesehen hat.:(

Regards, Herman


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Hello @Neo,  Is it possible when a route get broken like this to give also the warning? Mostly the smallest change of a route gives the warning "Route has to be rebuild", here not. When you have a route that starts on the ground, goes via a portal beneath the base plate, and you do this change. You can only see that it is broken when your mouse pointer is on the route, by looking at the route color. So a short distraction and you have not seen the fault.

I am warned now, and will always rebuild a route by the smallest changes. Maybe the warning for a future release, if not to difficult to realise ? Maybe a very short answer ?
Kind regards, Herman

(*) Better picture to show the situation. When activated the black train goes on ( and the orange train is on the broken part ). This is of course correct, there is no train on the route.


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Hi Herman,

this is currently expected behavior, the studio does not check the connection of tracks inside a route. For example, when using turntables or other animated tracks, it is an expected behavior that some tracks of the route are (temporarilly) disconnected.

Kind regards,


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