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Too many junctions


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Hello dear members. An error on my layout said "too many junctions" when manually setting a target for a car.
I could locate the error and fix it, ok. But a question remains : what is ment by junctions on a street ? (the former street switches to go trough V6 ?) And how many until this error occurs, also 7 as with routes? . 
Hallo liebe Mitglieder. Auf meiner Anlage wurde beim manuellen Setzen eines Ziels für ein Auto der Fehler "zu viele Kreuzungen" angezeigt.
Ich konnte den Fehler ausfindig machen und ihn beheben, ok. Aber eine Frage bleibt : was ist mit Kreuzungen auf einer Straße gemeint ? (die früheren Straßenweichen zu durchlaufen V6?  ) Und wie viele, bis dieser Fehler auftritt, auch 7 wie bei Fahrstraßen ? 

Kind regards, Herman

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2 hours ago, Goetz said:

the limit is 7 too

Hello, I have now a parking with 4 spots +4, a bus stop one in and one out +2, and a 2-3 crosspoint via the 2 side +2 = 8 and works. But one parking spot more and it fails. ( test )
Or am I mistaken ? **** Yes I am, see next post ********


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Hello members, 
As far as I can test it seems that only the junctions where the car can change direction counts. So where the driving lane splits. ( not merges ).
In previous pictures : parking +4, bus stop +1, the 3-2 crosspoint 2 ( but previous picture was counted at the wrong places ) = 7. 
Some other test with this principle gave always 7 maximum. 

crosspoint3-2.jpg.ca4b29031a5b3adbc3cff0a39b85aebc.jpg 2 junctions that can be taken, three ways to go possible / +2

diversion.jpg.1ebf0a256245578a5aa1d211e48228f0.jpg1 junction that can be taken, 2 ways to go, +1

Always glad should their be reactions, but I do not need an answer here anymore. 
Kind regards, Herman

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