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How to: Upload sound file to show up in "My Sounds" directory .... plus file types.


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Trying to publish a train sound demo into the draft layouts to get feedback/help form the forum. First I need to "share" the files. Neo has kindly given me permission to upload layouts with sound, but I have not been successful getting files to show up in the correct directory. I can get them in "my Layouts" for some reason, but that will not work. 

Also I have been using abc.wav files for sound (claims of better quality than mp3), they work OK with the Sound application, but not supported by the listing command. I must manually do the search using the traditional *.* for them to show up. Since they work, any reason to limit the type?

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WAV files are not supported because they are way to big in size (they are uncompressed). Please convert you wav files to ogg or mp3 (for example by using the free Audacity tool). These files are compressed sound files and have the same quality as wav files.

Kind regards,


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OK, now I understand. I do use Audicity, so I can/will convert.

Is that what is causing the problem with files not showing up in "My Music" folder?

I am using some MP3 Files, and they don't seem to show up either  .... 

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