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Parking Cars But not Trucks .... How to


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I'm trying to park only cars and not trucks on Country Roads 45 degree parking spaces.

Each parking space is in an "Object variable list".  I assigned the keyword "Truck" to those vehicles too big or long to fit the space.

When a times expires, the next applicable vehicle will be parked .... if it's not a truck.

What I don't know how to do is access the keyword of the listed object when it reaches the chosen parking spot .

I'm real weak on variables/trigger/extended variables and the like.

Can someone explain how to do this using the "variable list" and an "index variable?

Thanks in Advance 

Hope I explained this OK !!!


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Hello @hmclay,

With a Variable (Extended), you can access any variable of a specified object.


The object that you want to specify is held in a list.

Select the cog icon next to the object of your extended variable, 
to change this entry to Variable (List/Table)


Kind regards

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In this example ... is there a way to access the keyword of the "vehicle" on the parking spot passed to the user event.

Is there a better way to access a type of vehicle on a street/track.

If the vehicle has a keyword/variable "Truck", I want it to pass and not park, then wait for next vehicle.

This does not work (most likely known) .... I don't know what to do with the Property/Variable exists action .... tried extended variable etc., but not successful  .... Not sure what to call out on each "cog icon".



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vor 54 Minuten schrieb hmclay:

In this example ...

If you want to address an unknown vehicle on a known track, you may use a "repeat" loop to obtain a list of all vehicles on that track.
Even when there is only one vehicle present
The studio doesn't differenciate - a list may contain one element of more. It makes no difference.

Each list entry is then the object for further scrutiny (i.e. truck or no truck)


Hope this helps?

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Yes, with that information, I was able to get my event to function.

Thanks a million ... still don't fully understand extended variables, as I would like. However, with each piece of information, hopefully it will just dawn on me.

Again ... Thanks!

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