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window on another place/shape in V8.5.4.0


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Hello, I changed my layout "Lier" a litte in V8 and republished it yesterday from V8 out (V8.5.3) When I looked today in V8.5.4.0 the window with the control buttons is at another place/shape. It is still in the correct place in V8. 8B39DB66-A04B-47CB-9D4F-B3F3A1043A8C This layout is not saved in my layouts of V8.5.4.0, only in the catalog and of course local in V8. ( I have both MBS versions on the laptop )
Of course not a real problem, just a strange effect ?.

Regards, Herman

The correct one in V8.5.3


Seen from


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Hello Herman,
one screenshot appears to show docked windows, the other free floating.

You can change the setting in the "multiview" menu list.


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