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Track allignment is slightly off

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Using the "Model Oriented Standard Gauge" track, locate a Normal Straight at 0 x, 0 z, and all rotations at 0. (Y doesn't matter).


Add a length of track to one end using the + tool. Keep doing this. After 10 or fifteen lengths, the x coordinate (which should remain the same) changes to -0.000. Odd, but not an issue. However, another fifteen or so lengths and the x coordinate is now -0.001.


Only a millimetre at 1:1 scale, so not that important, right? Keep going, keep adding "straight" track, that is aligned to 0°. Soon enough, the discrepancy is 2mm. Then 3mm. Go far enough, and you will be a metre off ...!


Okay, so this isn't supercritical and is easy enough to fix (if a massive pain in the proverbial). It does mean that catenary wires won't line up properly over long distances of "straight" track. But it is something that shouldn't happen. Clearly there is a rounding error somewhere in the code?

I mean, it's not as if we're travelling interstellar distances, but with that sort of error over a distance of 1 light year, you'll miss your target by 27.5 million Km!

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Hi Simon,

this is a normal and expected behavior. For memory and performance reasons, the studio uses internal number formats which best fit to the common application area of designing and building small worlds. For a 1:1 scale, the studio guarantees a minimum resolution of 1 mm for a world of 10x10 km in size, or 1 cm for 100x100 km and so on.

But the studio is not a space simulator ;)

Kind regards,


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