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laptop gameplay - no middle mouse button


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i am testing 3d train studio, so far i like it, considering buying, but we have a huge problem :

using laptop, i do not have a middle button, and can not easily rotate 3d view ; i have found workaround, keys q & e, but this feels weird, unpleasant


best regards


have fun



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vor 4 Minuten schrieb aum:

using laptop, i do not have a middle button

Hello aum,

To my knowledge, laptops usually offer an alternative.
Maybe a combination of key and mousepad, maybe a double click with two fingers, maybe something else ... depends on your model.

You'll need to check the manual for your laptop to see how it works in your case.

Kind regards

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dear goetz, thank you for your reply

of course i tried all available alternatives, obviously failed

and, yes, of course i have external usb mouse, but i try not to use it, nevertheless, i just plugged it in

despite that, i kindly suggest to add laptop input alternative, ie

holding both left & right mouse button ( since there is no middle button ) would be my preferred suggestion, other suggestions would be

ctrl+left mouse button ( quite uncomfortable ) or

space+left mouse button ( still uncomfortable ) or

user-defined hotkey combination


also, as a long-time computer user ( i am 48 years old ), i had to buy a few new mouses because middle mouse button failure ( sketchup is to blame lol )

have fun

best regards




ps : i checked numerous model railroad apps, 3d train studio won the 1st place, hands down - beautiful simple graphics, modern ui ( except missing dark mode lol , this goes for webpage too ), lua is my favorite language, community-content, blender to the rescue etc.

somebody is doing a great work for model railroad digital enthusiasts. extremely well thought app. bow

love it, keep the good work rolling ...

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