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Making backups


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Hello again!

I am enjoying 3D-TrainStudio very much!

Now, I have a bit complex desing, I was looking how to do a very important task I was not able to find...

How to do a backup?

I don't want to loose anything!

Can I do individual desings backup, whole data base backup, both?

Thank you very much in advance.

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Hello aemartinez,

Choose menu Save project as ..

  • do not enter a name 
  • do not enter a category
  • do not publish to te internet

as shown in the image


then press the Export button

  • enter a filename in the explorer window
  • Backups.jpg
  • save it as *.mbp file to any directory you want. The file is now saved on your harddisc.
  • cancel the save as .. dialog

You can retrieve this fle in the start window of 3D Train Studio:

  • select My Projects to Import existing project
  • Backup3.jpg

All events should be included.

Hope it helps,






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Hi aemartinez,

Henry's solution is the right choice when you want to backup individual layouts. To backup all layouts, you can copy the full database storage folder to a backup location. The path to the database folder can be found in the settings dialog.

Kind regards,



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