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I have 2 questions:


1. When I try to use the "Kindereisenbahn" from the "3D Models > Scenery > Theme Park", there is a question mark instead of an engine.  What's up with that?


2. If I build an object using the game's primitives, such as a building.rail car, etc., save the object to my catalog, then use the object from my catalog on a different layout I've built and try to share with others, I get the following message:

Sharing content

"(Layout name)" references additional content which is not shared to other users.  If you continue, the content will be
replaced by placeholders.

I assume the "placeholders" are the question marks I see on other people's layouts I've checked out, and that other people will only see a question mark instead of the scratchbuilt item.

Some scratchbuilt items require hundreds of individual primitives, so using multiple scratchbuilt items requires using them from my catalog instead of using the original item to prevent freezing the program due to excessive memory usage.

Scratch building and sharing layouts is part of the fun of model railroading, both in real life and computer simulation games. Is there a way to make scratchbuilt objects visible to others once they are saved and used later from the catalog?


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Hi badattitude77,

  1.  the question mark is a placeholder of an object that is within the local cataloge of the builders project. It is shown because you have no access to this external cataloge. You are able to replace the marked object with another one of the online objects. Sorry that I have no acces to the english version to give a hint to select the menu.
  2. After you have created your own model with many primitives you must gather them into one group with a special name. Then load it up to your ../test/private cataloge. Then you will have access to to this model in your own projects - will say - when ever you need this object you can take it from there in further pojects and use it.
  3. If you want to make your model available to the community, have in mind that Neo must approve your model to be taken into the catalog.

Hope it helps a bit, regards,


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