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Importing 3DS files - scale issue


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Hello everyone, 

I have imported 3DS files into 3DTS: no problem. The issue is that they so not scale automatically to, let's say, N scale (in my case of course).

The object is VERY BIG and even when selecting N it is still very big!

Then I decided to import a 3DS file in BLENDER to change its scale so that it scales to 0.544 ( N ) and export it back as 3DS then again import into 3D Train Studio. And unfortunately that didn't change anything (same results)

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Any guidance/advice would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Oliver,

... the refference scale factor "1" in 3DTS is H0 (1:87). Your model should be built at this scale (1:87). The factor 0.544 for N means 1:87/0.544 = 1:160.

Note: ... when you use "Edit" -> "Paste from" -> "File..." the object will not scale automatically. You can scale it in the "Properties" -> "Scaling".



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Wiki translation
hope it helps, regards, Henry
The 3D TS comes with a variety of track-gauges, which all have different scales. So that the 3D models, as e.g. Rolling stock, buildings, cars and vegetation can be used for all gauges alike, the models automatically scales the Studio to the correct size. For this scaling works correctly, the 3D TS has the scale of the original models known in the catalog, so that it can scale the models to the appropriate gauge.  
The indication of the scale of a model is the model itself, by designation of any auxiliary object,(you must add an extra object) When added to a model, which is subsequently renamed '_Scale_1_100' an object detected the 3D TS property when loading the model in the 3D editor and thus saves himself the scale (here 1: 100). The object itself is discarded from the 3D Editor, it is just the name used. Instead of 1: 100 can be used any other standards, such as '_Scale_1_1' For a 1: 1 scale or '_Scale_10_45' for a 10:45 scale (be it only integer denominator and splitter supports).
If your your model was built with N-scale 1:160 the extra object must have the name '_Scale_1_160' . Your model will be automatically converted to 1:87 (scaling factor =1) in the catalogue.
Additionally, there is the following note:  
The 3D train Studio works internally in centimeters. At a scale of 1: 1 which means that an object with an edge length of 100 is 1.15 cm tall (when using the gauge H0 as 100 cm divided in the original by 87 = 1.15 cm).  
Some 3D programs out its own conversion of units when exporting a 3D model by (depending on the setting). It should be carried out before the first model, a test here that the 3D program maintains the units correctly.  
If there is no indication in the scale model, the scale is accepted H0 (1:87)  
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