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Feature Request: ENGLISH PLEASE !


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As we are asked what feature(s) we want, the main feature I would like to have is the full program in English.

For instance:

1) Plugins in English

2) Name of all the 3D objects in English

3) Tutorials in English.

Yes, you may think that Google translate doesn't do such a bad job BUT trust me when you are trying to figure out something AND you have to understand a translation, sometimes that makes it very frustrating.

Thank you so much for listening. 3DTS is really the best out there (I tried all the other ones) 


Virginia, USA


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The development team and I are working on translating everything to English.  It does take time.   It's a major undertaking to get US english models, some could take up to 6 months or more as most of the model makers are German and have little interest in making US Models. (Sorry if I am wrong on this, it's just an impression) Easy and I have translated a plugin, and I will be glad to help any other plug-in maker do the same.    I have 1 video in English, with more to come.   Maybe you could learn some basic German,  I did, and can work with a half German / half English program.

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