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Request for some tracklaying tools.


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My major request is for a symbol on track-joins to indicate whether 2 pieces of track are actually connected or merely very close.

However, I would also really appreciate...

select stretch (select all track attached to a piece of track)

flip vertically

flip horizontally



lock height.

The following 3 programs are all very good track planning softwares. Maybe you could adopt some ideas from them. And or add the ability to import plans made by them at project start in 3DTS.







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I agree. I find it easier do the layouts in the technical design view. There open ends on tracks are shown as red lines.

What I find more disturbing is tracks are shown as joined, and the trains will pass over that join, but the join is really bad and the train jolts as it passes over them.
Me thinks tracks that are joined should auto-align somehow.


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You can tell, when you switch to the grid view.

Green line between track elements -> connected

Red line between track elements -> unconnected




Beg your pardon. I missed that Trevor already gave that answer.

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