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Orphaned Groups...


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I found a bug...

Steps to repeat.

1. Open a new project.
2. Add two or more objects...
3. Select them all
4. Make selection a group.
5. Deselect
6. Open the "select objects by name" dialog.
7. Select all the objects in the group but not the group itself.
8, Close the dialog.
9. Click Edit.. Delete
10. Re-open the "select objects by name" dialog.
11. Notice the group is still listed, empty and selectable.








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... in my opinion... this is not a bug. You just create an emty group... I work with CAD-programms and "empys" can be usefull (if so in MBS... i do not know currently)...
... so i would say the bug is, that i can not focus it with the 3D camera when pressing "Enter" (...I know it is a bit pointed;))


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Hi trevor,

...  to play and try... i made in Blender an emty object... and it works in MBS... 
... you can import it "edit" -> "paste" -> "from file"... or you can put it in your catalog "3D Modell" -> "Extra" -> "Test" -> "Private" as "3D modell" and/or as "Track vehicle"

Note: you can never mark it with the mouse... only with "F3"

... have fun;)



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