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Fast visibility switch of multiple objects


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Just a quick suggestion.

Although every object has a visibility property, that can be bit of awkward if you need to select and edit it for some reason.
The only way to get to it is by doing an F3 select from list.
If you have a big layout that can be a looooooooong... list to search though, assuming you remember what you named the darn thing.....
Further, if the object happens to be contained in a group.... good luck with that.

Because of the above, I have stopped using that method to hide objects.

Instead I add a Hidden_Objects layer to my design and allocate the hidden objects to that layer instead of making them invisible.


Now I can hide, or more importantly.. SHOW, all my hidden objects with one click in the layer dialog :)

I hope some of you find that concept useful.





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Trevor, that is a good idea.  I think the invisible objects predated the layers option, but putting things into layers is a wonderful idea.  I'm building a 5 layer layout with objects that have to move from one physical layer to another, and some physical layers that have to be invisible when working on a physical layer that is below the invisible layer.  I've also got stuff that can be optionally be hidden, or not depending on if you want to see what is going on inside (Like a stacker that takes you from level 3 to level 4)



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