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left or right crossing switch Maerklin 24624


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I have a problem using the crossing switch 24624 of Mrklin through rocrail and rocstudio. My understanding ist that this switch with one Motor has only two positions:


1. simple crossing

2 left and right crossing


While it has only one motor, it should have only 2 commands (position 0 and 1). However in 3d studio it has 4 positions, so that rocrail through rocstudio can not handle this switch. Is there something I can do about it or is there some other thing to do?





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Hello Anton,

to get the Maerklin switch 24624 from he Train Studio with only 2 switch positions please proceed the following steps:

  1. Put the Maerklin switch 24624 from the Train Studio online catalog onto your layout and select "Edit" to change its properties.
  2. Consider the existing routes: Route 0 and Route 1 are the straight routes, Route 2 and Rout 3 are the curved routes from the switch.
  3. Now select the "Switch positions" tab and there "Switch position 0". Here, "Route 0" is referred. "Activate" an additional route and refer then "Route 1".
  4. Select now "Sweitch position 2", where "Route 2" is already referred. "Activate" also here an additional route an refer then "Route 3".
  5. Select now "Switch position 3" and delete it.
  6. Select finally "Switch position 1" and delete it too. The former "Switch position 2" now becomes to the new "Switch position 1".
  7. When you now select "Switch position 0", you see both straight routes brightened, which are now the valid routes for this switch position.
  8. When you select "Switch position 1", you see both curved routes brughtened, which are now the valid routes for this switch position.
  9. You can now leave the "3D model setup".

 That's all. You can now use this switch with only 2 positions like it is operated in the "real Maerklin world".

Many greetings


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