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Building a model


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Here are some pictures


the stone columns are from a fence, the beams are quaders that were sized and use a custom texture


roof is quaders


wall panels and doors added


areas with green stars are custom texture.  will the custom texture go with importing it as a 3d model?

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1 hour ago, metallix said:

Hi Curt

You will have to post the textures here or at least to post a link from where to download them. Otherwise a user without the original textures will just see ???? .




good to know. thanks


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  • 11 months later...

Du machst einen guten Job.

Ich freue mich darauf, mein Problem zu lösen, nicht zu wissen, wie man die Texturen in den Simulator lädt.!


Esta usted haciendo un gran trabajo.

¡Qué ganas tengo de poder solucionar mi problema de no saber cargar las texturas en simulador.!




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