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how to program road traffic stop/start at lights and rail barriers

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Hi Pete

The EP won't turn on anything. What it does is displaying every single event that is happening on the set. If there is plentiful you might not be able to follow as quick with your eyes. It only comes to a grinding halt and pauses the layout activity if there is a fault. The event causing the fault is highlighted in red and you can go straight to it by double-clicking that event.

EP gets opened here:


The section on the left is where all events tick, go, run, race or rush through when everything is free of major faults. There are even controls for the layout on topp. The section on the right is where you can call up to view and edit module-variables, object-variables, timers and deferred execution timers. Once you click on the + you can navigate through the lists to get the desired choice. With the - sign you dump it out of view (don't worry it's not deleting anything, it just takes it off the screen to make space for other stuff you might need to look at).  With the pencil sign or by double-clicking on the item, you can edit the item. You can adjust the whole window by just grabbing an edge when the cursor changes, but it won't allow getting minimized bellow its minimum size.

To get your loko's started again you might do it the same way you did it the first time ;)or you set up a (temporary?) board with switches for each and one for the lot, to let them run or stop. At this stage they were all just circling at a one given speed, I presume. So it will be a matter of setting up a switch for each like in this pic. You'll find switches in the catalogue. As per general rule in MBS (every object needs to have a unique name), you give the switches uniqueness by perhaps numbering through. Make sure you do the same with loco's, cars etc.in case you have more than a sample of a model more than once in your layout.

Just one switch will do for now. Once you have it in the layout and in positioned give it a name.

We start by creating a new event Switch is toggled


At the top where it says any switch, you get to the parts list to select a particular switch. This will be one of the ones you set up before.

After this, you select a Condition by clicking on the +  under Which actions should be performed?

An empty condition, in yellow, pops up.

You select the same switch you already selected as the events trigger and make a choice in which position conditions are met/not met.

Next is to click the + again for an action and select Vehicles/Set Vehicles Speed

In the newly popped up green vehicles speed action you now navigate to the vehicle of choice and allocate it a speed.

The sample pic above assumes that in position 0 (off) the vehicle shall stop (speed = 0)

In case the speed action hasn't landed in the condition automatically or in the wrong spot you can move it by drag&drop.

As per the markings (and lately when a new condition is pulled it has both option field full size, but empty, with a label) the field above the small line is for condition met, the one below is for condition not met.

Once the condition met action is in place just copy this action and drag it in the condition not met area.

All you need to do to complete the job is changing the speed to what you wish.

You will finetune that later on when trimming the schedule for the runs. This setup now might be only temporary but it gives you a good start in doing EC as well.



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Hi Tom

That's absolutely brilliant, many thanks. It might take me a while to digest it all but once I have it sorted then I will be able to move on. It took me a little while to find my way, smoothly, around the layers scenario but now it is almost second nature. I have already started to fine tune some of the water, road layout as well as re:examining some of the rail track but my file size still hovers around 2750kb but doing the alterations is certainly easier without all the other clutter.

I will try to leave you in peace for now. I don't plan to be too adventurous for now with EC. My brain won't cope with too complicated at the moment but in time I'm sure I'll get to grips with it. I really do enjoy producing the layout and keep fine tuning much of the scenery.



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