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Lay a handmade map of the track to trace


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Hi Fullyboy,

one way is as such:

in the category "extra -> primitives" you'll find an object named "Ebene"
Basically a flat square. Place this on your layout.

In the properties menu of this object,

  • select the cog wheel to edit the dimensions. Make them match your image aspect ratio
  • select the brush symbol to enter the texture submenu.
  • click on the yellow folder icon to open a bmp, jpg or png file.



If you're off scale, resize the plane in the position submenu

Hope that helps?

Edited by Goetz
changed description in parts after reading Henry's post following hereafter
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Hi Fullyboy,

in addition to Goetz let me give a note:

vor 49 Minuten schrieb Goetz:

n the category "extra -> primitives" you'll find an object named "Ebene"

Create a screen shot of your layout design and save it under a name. It does not matter what scale the image is.  

Create a "Ebene" with the dimensions of your desired base plate. Place the screenshot on the "Ebene". This scales the picture approximately to the real size. This is enough to make your design true to scale.
The size of the "Ebene" determines the final size of the template.

hope it helps to understand the work around,

Regards, Henry

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