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Primitive "Ebene"


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I used the primitive "Ebene" in an experiment to make a personal background, and a billboard in a station based on a .JPG picture. 
This works fine as long as the connection to the .JPG file on my laptop is found. So no problem at all for layouts at home. 

Suppose in the future it's a fine layout and I want to put  it in the catalog on the internet.  Where do I place such .JPG files that they stay connected with the layout ?

Greetings, Herman

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IF the image on the JPG is your own, or public domain, you can upload it to the online catalog.  Then everyone can use it.

WENN das Bild auf dem JPG Ihr eigenes ist, oder gemeinfrei, können Sie es in den Online-Katalog hochladen.  Dann kann es jeder verwenden.

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I found this conversation on the forum

Hello David,

you need upload rights in order to share content with the community. Please note that only models designed and created by yourself are allowed to be uploaded to the catalog.

Kind regards,


I suppose it's the same rule for textures in an "ebene" from a file. 
I will use the technique only at home layouts.

Kind regards, Herman

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I'm still a bit confused and come back here for some minor help.

1) Just for now I managed to put the coca cola board and mountain background in "My 3D models" for future local use. 
If you do not make models, and use only those from the catalog ... so it took a long time to discover "My 3D Models".
Even I'm not planning to do so ( for now ), how can I put a model in the main catalog ?
I can upload a layout, but did not figure it out how this works with a model. ( even upload as a draft until Neo approved it ? )

2. Just to be sure : modified tracks or track switches as in the picture, ( Edit and 3D Model Setup) are always available for everyone, once uploaded
with their layout ?

Kind regards, Herman.



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