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local t = layout:getVehiclesOn(signal)


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Maybe a more special question, but here we go.

Just to see if I have a good understanding wich t comes out here :

local t = layout:getVehiclesOn(signal)  gives a table  t with the vehicles on that track contact. ( 1 item or none )
local t = layout:getVehiclesOn($("LongTrack")) gives a table t with the vehicles on that track

I want to know if there is a vehicle an the contact of the signal.
In previous tests I used # for the number of items in a table.
  if #t ~= 0 then  ( there is a vehicle on the signal , a wagon or a loc )

So far so good, my problem is solved.

But t is a table, the test
if t ~= {}  an empty table  failed, why  ?

Some help is welcome.

Kind regards,




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vor 7 Minuten schrieb Herman:

like a pointer

t and {} are two different tables.
You want to know, if both have the same property (i.e. the same number of entries),
but with t == {} you're asking if both are the same table.


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