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Hi Richard,

Materialien und Texturen

3D-Modellbahn Studio verwendet PBR-Materialien im standardisierten Metallic-Roughness-Workflow, wodurch ein Material aus verschiedenen Parametern/Texturen besteht. Unterstützt werden im Studio "BaseColor", "Metallic", "Roughness" und "Emissive".

Materials and textures

3D-Modellbahn Studio uses PBR materials in the standardized Metallic-Roughness-Workflow, whereby a material consists of different parameters / textures. 'BaseColor', 'Metallic', 'Roughness' and 'Emissive' are supported in the studio.


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I am building some signals that I would like quite detailed up close \, but can be low detailed when moved away.

I believe this program can use different level of details, LOD.

I have trouble finding this sort of info on Wiki.

It would be appreciated if someone could send me some links to where it is explained how to set this up for this program.

Or even better an example in Blender


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10 hours ago, Richard T said:

...Or even better an example in Blender ...

Here's the UK Signal again, with its Blender files, in Original, LOD1 and LOD2 versions. You will see that, for such a piece, there's not much to gain with reducing the Level Of Detail, as there's not much there in the first place. However, it illustrates the principle.
Once the Original is finished and saved as 'xxxx', I simply save again with the name "xxxx_LOD1'. From this version I remove whatever I consider to be not worth displaying at a distance, then save and export. I save again as 'xxxx_LOD2', then remove even more, as long as the basic form is still worthwhile (it's not the case with this signal; it's already disappeared, but with a loco, or a building, one has to just use one's judgement...). I save this 'LOD2' version and export. The final 'glb' files will therefore be 'xxxx' for the Original, 'xxxx_LOD1' and 'xxxx_LOD2' for the others. When bringing into MBS, only the Original needs to be imported, as the others will follow automatically (assuming them to be all in the same folder...). Drag the Original into a layout, then 'zoom' out to see when the transition takes place; this will differ depending on many variables, such as the size of the item, the graphics card used and other factors. A distant loco should only be a tiny tube on the horizon, which will become identifiable on approach until all the details come forth. When this happens, and what changes are apparent are a matter of trial and more trial (there's no 'error', just judgement...).
Hope this helps.



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