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  1. I've made a start... Ich habe einen Anfang gemacht
  2. If I was to add flowers to the inside, I'd put in a plane with a picture of flowers. I doubt anyone would need to enter the greenhouse to cut a bloom. Wouldn't that be sufficient for a railway layout..? There is still the question of the dimensions of the Faller model, if that's important. Otherwise, I could do 'real'-sized greenhouses based on what the models look like in that box top..? Wenn ich innen Blumen hinzufügen würde, würde ich ein Flugzeug mit einem Bild von Blumen hineinlegen. Ich bezweifle, dass jemand das Gewächshaus betreten müsste, um eine Blüte zu schneiden. Reicht das
  3. Not that difficult to make, in Blender, but I'm certainly not going to go forward with 'em if it's to receive a load of flak because they're not 'exact'. I'm searching for their dimensions, but it's difficult to glean such information from all the German posts. There are four models there (three greenhouses and the cold frame...) I suppose they are all useful..? Nicht so schwer zu machen, in Blender, aber ich werde sicherlich nicht mit ihnen weitermachen, wenn sie eine Ladung Flak bekommen sollen, weil sie nicht 'exakt' sind. Ich suche nach ihren Abmessungen, aber es ist schwierig, solche
  4. Are these what's required..? Are these the required..?
  5. Thanks, Walter. As the descriptions are in a language I can't read, I just chose one and was unlucky. I'll translate the descriptions next time. A Good System; very useful. Danke Walter. Da die Beschreibungen in einer Sprache sind, die ich nicht lesen kann, habe ich mich einfach für eine entschieden und hatte Pech. Beim nächsten Mal übersetze ich die Beschreibungen. Ein gutes System; sehr hilfreich. Douglas
  6. I tried this, but the modules only 'snap' horizontally; the vertical 'snap' doesn't work as it should (the upper floor tilts 90°, on its side...). I think these are @Reinhard models. Do they need correction..? I'm using v7... Ich habe das versucht, aber die Module rasten nur horizontal ein; der vertikale 'Einrasten' funktioniert nicht so wie er sollte (der obere Boden neigt sich um 90°, auf seiner Seite...). Ich denke, das sind @Reinhard-Modelle. Brauchen sie eine Korrektur ..? ich benutze v7...
  7. Load time approximately 15s on my rather old HP8200 desktop PC 'Windows 10 Pro 64-bit i5 Quad-core, 12 Gb memory, 128 Gb SSD, layout loaded from USB hard drive...). No issues, loading or running. No ther processes running except my Chrome browser. A nice layout, should load and run on any reasonable PC or laptop, I would think. Hope this helps. Loading time around 15s on my rather old HP8200 Desktop PC 'Windows 10 Pro 64-bit i5 Quad-Core, 12 Gb RAM, 128 Gb SSD, layout loaded from USB hard drive...). No problems, loading or running. There are no processes running other than my Chrome brows
  8. I got around this problem, when helping a fellow member, by sending the 'gltf' files for him to add to his own, local, catalogue. He has models that I've created for him, including custom and exchange textures, that he has added to his layouts. As we were exchanging information about building models, I also sent him Blender files, and, using 'Zoom', we talked through the use of Blender for certain operations. It all works fine, as long as the files sent are complete, ready for importing into MBS, not as 'mbe' files, but as source, gltf files, with their relevant LOD files, animation file and e
  9. We may be at cross-purposes here. I was not suggesting publication, merely replying to the original question, although, if the combined item and exchange texture are then saved, they can be published together, and thus be available to others. Here is an (unfinished...) test coach, with a previously-published local test texture, published as a Draft... 9BE0CA7B-8CF0-4316-9C0C-9112C09395CE It has retained its exchange texture, but is still able to adopt another, or revert to its original livery. In the original question, there was no notion of publishing, but it can be done, if the exc
  10. I would suggest that this could be achieved without animation, by linking the swing-bridge to a (hidden...) locomotive running along a (hidden...) short track, tracing an arc. Ich würde vorschlagen, dass dies ohne Animation erreicht werden könnte, indem die Drehbrücke mit einer (versteckten ...) Lokomotive verbunden wird, die entlang einer (versteckten ...) kurzen Spur fährt und einen Bogen nachzeichnet.
  11. Maybe something was lost in translation, but, to me, the original question was ... 'Would it be possible to save textures that you created yourself in a subdirectory of the local catalog and then link these textures to the individual models?' ... and I thought that that was what I showed to be possible. Whatever texture file one applies to a 'Custom-enabled' model can be saved with that model. Where the texture file came from matters not, as long as it's been saved to one's own PC. I have transferred Texture files to folk, to apply to their models, and it has been easy. I don't see w
  12. I'm sorry, but I don't understand. I can create a New texture, using any 'power of two' picture, and save it to 'My Textures' in MBS. I can then apply this texture to any model accepting 'Custom' textures, and the image is applied to the model. When I save that model, its texture is retained. Here's one I've just done, just to make sure it works. What have I mis-understood..? Es tut mir leid, aber ich verstehe nicht. Ich kann eine neue Textur erstellen, indem ich ein beliebiges „Zweierpotenz“-Bild verwende und es in „Meine Texturen“ in MBS speichere. Ich kann diese Textur dann auf jedes M
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