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  1. New cars don't stay as 'new cars' for very long, these days..! Neue Autos bleiben heutzutage nicht mehr lange als "neue Autos" ..!
  2. OK, understood. I'll have a go at creating the characters from scratch (they needed extensive rework from DAZ, anyway, as they are far too detailed for MBS...). I'm looking at MakeHuman, and still improving with Blender. At least I now have some examples of typical golf poses; I can still use those as inspiration without using their meshes or components..! OK, verstanden. Ich werde versuchen, die Charaktere von Grund auf neu zu erstellen (sie mussten ohnehin von DAZ umfassend überarbeitet werden, da sie für MBS viel zu detailliert sind ...). Ich schaue auf MakeHuman und verbessere mich im
  3. If that's the only error, I'm doing well..! Now, about my questions... Wenn das der einzige Fehler ist, geht es mir gut ..! Nun zu meinen Fragen ...
  4. I've now solved the tinted glass issue (yes, two planes, back to back, did the trick, with a suitable RGB Material...), and have a working Golf Cart, with a roofed variant, and a few of people, with three differently-coloured clothes each. They all have a basic, LOD1 and LOD2 definitions, and have the 'Green Tick Box of Doom' proudly displayed. Should I make these available for public scrutiny (if so, how..? I've seen descriptions of the method, but can't find 'em right now...). Should I continue with more poses..? They're quite fun to do, if they're up to the standard expected. I can't tell;
  5. Error, sorry..! Fehler, sorry ..!
  6. And now to find out how to make a windscreen transparent both sides..! Und jetzt erfahren Sie, wie Sie eine Windschutzscheibe auf beiden Seiten transparent machen können ..!
  7. The family is growing ... Die Familie wächst ...
  8. I had a similar issue when I first started with MBS; my web connection is slow, so when dragging from the catalogue, the model had not enough time to arrive before I finished the drag and moved on. I've overcome this since by firstly being more patient, and waiting for the model to arrive, and secondly, by downloading to local the catalogue. This may not be the same issue, of course, but sounds similar. Ich hatte ein ähnliches Problem, als ich mit MBS anfing. Meine Webverbindung ist langsam, sodass das Modell beim Ziehen aus dem Katalog nicht genügend Zeit hatte, um anzukommen, bevor ic
  9. We have a Winner..! Yes, indeed; once 'cleared' the Custom Split Normals Data (who thinks these terms up..?), everything fell into place. The Golf Cart was only roughly coloured for this test, but already looks healthier..! Many thanks, Max; [Terminator] I'll be back..! [/Terminator]. Wir haben einen Sieger..! Ja, in der Tat; Sobald die benutzerdefinierten Split-Normaldaten "gelöscht" wurden (wer denkt sich diese Begriffe aus?), passte alles zusammen. Der Golfwagen war für diesen Test nur grob gefärbt, sieht aber schon gesünder aus ..! Vielen Dank, Max; [Terminator] Ich komme wieder ..! [
  10. Good afternoon... I have a successful Jaguar, from Blender, coloured with a single multi-coloured Material. I am trying to make a Golf Cart, but cannot get a suitable colouring; it's always too dull. In order to see what the problem might be, I've got both vehicles in the same Blender file, using the same UV method and the same Jaguar palette. Two issues become apparent... 1 - In Blender, the colours look different, despite being from the same palette (the bodywork 'green' is correct on the Jaguar, but darker on the Golf Cart...). 2 - When I export this 'twin vehicle' file as a sin
  11. I know nothing of running a railway, but I can imagine several scenarios where attaching a restaurant coach might be a useful choice. The rolling stock has to be in the right place at the right time, so, on occasion, a train might have coaches attached simply to take them to another part of the system where they will be required. It's even possible to have two or more restaurant coaches, if they will be needed elsewhere. The timetable may have an effect, too, as I would suppose that there would be more customers at lunchtime or the evening than early morning or late at night. I doubt that fo
  12. Here's a quick golf scene, with some newly-created golf people, celebrating their round. Two complete folks for now, a man and a girl doing a 'high-five'. The girl has an alternate colour scheme; the man doesn't, as yet, but I can do them now. Questions... How many alternative costumes would be reasonable..? They're not difficult, nor long to do. I would suggest maybe five for each person..? How many different poses would be reasonable (for men and women...)..? I have about fifteen or twenty for each. I spent a couple of days working out how to do these, but now that I have the Method pr
  13. That's a very credible explanation; thanks for that. The file makes no mention of this in its list of Materials, but it may be indicated in another fashion, I'm not expert enough to analyse all of the file. I'm getting around the issue with a re-affectation of the colours, using a Multicolour Palette file. It's laborious at first, but I'm getting better at it. All the colours then become one single Material. I've found another step for reducing my high-definition people to reasonable poly counts, and have done my first Golfer using this. Not quite ready, but here's an initial working version
  14. Very interesting, Goetz, thanks for that. There was much in your brief 'lesson' that I would not have been able to guess in decades. Way beyond my abilities, but it would be wonderful if there was a way of creating a comprehensive and complete guide to all this stuff, in one place, for all curious newcomers to consult and learn from. It's all the more delicate for those without German language skills 'searching' here when the terms are in German..! Thanks, then, are all the more due when these sessions are made available in English. One day, the Interweb will be able to translate speech in re
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