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  1. Same here; it never got to the point of giving me control. I, too, killed it. Hier gilt das gleiche; es kam nie dazu, mir die Kontrolle zu geben. Auch ich habe es getötet.
  2. Ha..! My PC is quite old and weak (HP8300, i5 proc,12 Gb, Win-10 64bit...), and, although now open, I still don't have control. I see the ICE trains at the station, but MBS is using 30% of my quad-core processor and isn't ready to hand over to me..! The layout is simply too big, I'd say, and needs Big Blue to run properly. Ha..! Mein PC ist ziemlich alt und schwach (HP8300, i5 proc, 12 Gb, Win-10 64bit...), und obwohl ich jetzt offen bin, habe ich immer noch keine Kontrolle. Ich sehe die ICE-Züge am Bahnhof, aber MBS verwendet 30 % meines Quad-Core-Prozessors und ist nicht bereit, mir zu
  3. Maybe it's just a question of Patience..? It took a long time to load when I tried it, and appeared to be 'hung' at 2/3, but, in the time it takes for me to eat my breakfast, it finally arrived. It is an enormous layout, and was saved in the 'Play' mode, so immediately starts to run trains etc. The last stages of the download took 100% of my PC resources (not the web; just the processor...). I still can't manipulate the layout, as it's still finishing its set-up. Hope this helps. Vielleicht ist es nur eine Frage der Geduld..? Das Laden dauerte lange, als ich es versuchte, und schien bei 2
  4. Are they still a 'thing'..? I thought that stuff died out decades ago. There are still dinosaurs that roam the Earth..? Sind sie immer noch ein "Ding" ...? Ich dachte, das Zeug sei vor Jahrzehnten ausgestorben. Es gibt immer noch Dinosaurier, die die Erde durchstreifen..? ...
  5. Better than silence.? Besser als Schweigen.?
  6. V8..? Wouldn't it be ecologically better to go Electric..? V8..? Wäre es nicht ökologisch besser, auf Elektro umzusteigen? ...
  7. I think that one has to make the distinction between making models for oneself and making models for inclusion into the MBS Catalogue. For the former, I see no impediment to using material from any source, and duplication of models already in the Catalogue is not a problem. Publishing models in the Catalogue, however, could be deemed 'commercial', in the sense that the range of models available is a 'selling point' for MBS. Whoever published the model matters not; a court could decide that MBS is profiting from illicit use of protected material, and receive sanctions. Other than any moral cons
  8. @Little... Here is a link to a 'zip' file on my Google Drive, too large (7Mb...) for the Forum, containing the '.gltf' files for the Dray horses and their Wagon. These can be imported into MBS with no issues. Some slight improvements: I managed to create the LOD2 that was missing for the horses (they have strange appearance, but at a great distance it matters not...), and I changed to adopt '_Custom' textures for both the Wagon and the Horses. An alternative Texture is in the 'zip' file for both models, but any equivalent texture will work. The animation for the horses has not changed;
  9. I think that this can be done anyway, if they are first grouped, then saved as a group. Different combinations could be saved as different groups, any of which may then be simply dragged onto the layout. Would this not be a suitable option..? Ich denke, dass dies trotzdem möglich ist, wenn sie zuerst gruppiert und dann als Gruppe gespeichert werden. Verschiedene Kombinationen können als verschiedene Gruppen gespeichert werden, von denen jede dann einfach auf das Layout gezogen werden kann. Wäre dies nicht eine geeignete Option..?
  10. Blender has an Emissive slider, with which one may dial in the degree of emission. I usually set this to 0.25 (1/4 of the scale...), or even 0.1 in some circumstances. I keep the colour on the Emissive file the same as that on the Colour file, and dial in the strength I require. Blender hat einen Emissive-Schieberegler, mit dem man den Grad der Emission einstellen kann. Ich stelle dies normalerweise auf 0,25 (1/4 der Skala ...) oder unter bestimmten Umständen sogar auf 0,1 ein. Ich halte die Farbe in der Emissive-Datei genauso wie in der Farbdatei und wähle die gewünschte Stärke.
  11. I use four Blender files, mostly (Colour, Metallic, Roughness and Emissive...). Here's a typical set, in order; it's the combination of these four 'layers' that MBS takes as a Material. The upper region I use for 'wrapping' UV's, the lower 'paintbox' has the basic colours repeated. Colours applied from the left are matt, middle left are shiny, middle right are mirror, and the right, emissive. If I change a colour in that right-hand section, it has to be echoed in the Emissive file. Different shades of gray may be used for the Meta and Roug files, if needed. Anything in the upper section of t
  12. Ah, OK. What are you wanting to do..? Maybe there's another method..? (Or maybe not, of course, if you've already looked at all possible options...) Ah, okay. Was willst du machen..? Vielleicht gibt es eine andere Methode..? (Oder natürlich auch nicht, wenn Sie sich bereits alle möglichen Optionen angesehen haben ...)
  13. Have you tried an animation for each of the combinations..? One for x alone, y alone, z alone, x-y combined, x-z combined, y-z combinesd x-y-z combined..? I don't know if that fits your needs, but it's all I have for the moment. Any good..? Haben Sie eine Animation für jede der Kombinationen ausprobiert? Eine für x allein, y allein, z allein, x-y kombiniert, x-z kombiniert, y-z kombiniert x-y-z kombiniert...? Ich weiß nicht, ob das Ihren Anforderungen entspricht, aber im Moment ist das alles, was ich habe. Jeder gute..?
  14. In Blender, the animations are, by default, all on one track. When imported into MBS, however, each section of the animation becomes independent. My truck, in Blender, has the cabin doors open one by one, then the steering, the wipers and a cab tilt. Each of these is at its maximum at the end of the 600 frames. The '.anim' file, however, tells MBS how to treat each as a separate animation, and they all work correctly, with no interference. In Blender befinden sich die Animationen standardmäßig alle auf einer Spur. Beim Import in MBS wird jedoch jeder Abschnitt der Animation unabhängig. Be
  15. Use 'Shift-Enter' for a new line, without the double spacing. This is 'Enter'... This is 'Shift-Enter'... There, no double line spacing. Hope this helps. Verwenden Sie 'Shift-Enter' für eine neue Zeile, ohne den doppelten Abstand. Das ist 'Eingabe'... Das ist 'Shift-Enter'... Dort kein doppelter Zeilenabstand. Hoffe das hilft.
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