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  1. Anywhere on t'web there is such 'danger', including the downloading of commercial programmes. Some sites offer a service; once tasted, one may return with confidence. OK, it's a Wild World out there, but paranoia is an illness. Taking reasonable precautions (getting recommendations for a site or two, for instance...) t'web has much to offer. Just sayin'. Überall im Internet besteht eine solche "Gefahr", einschließlich des Herunterladens kommerzieller Programme. Einige Websites bieten einen Service an. einmal probiert, kann man mit Zuversicht zurückkehren. OK, es ist eine wilde Welt da dra
  2. A Search for 'dds online file converter' will bring up several links to offers of free conversion to Png. Hope this helps. Bei der Suche nach "dds online file converter" werden mehrere Links zu Angeboten für die kostenlose Konvertierung in Png angezeigt. Hoffe das hilft.
  3. With our rather modest web connection (13Mb maximum, usually 8-9...) it took exactly 3.5 minutes to load. I don't think that that's so bad for such a large number. Hope this helps. Bei unserer eher bescheidenen Webverbindung (maximal 13 MB, normalerweise 8-9 ...) dauerte das Laden genau 3,5 Minuten. Ich denke nicht, dass das für eine so große Anzahl so schlecht ist. Hoffe das hilft. Douglas
  4. I'm not sure that that's true. I used this 'camera' trick to have my Zeppelin stay horizontal even when descending a slope; it worked fine, and could be seen to be horizontal from any other camera. The camera trick is only to force the System to keep the orientation; other viewpoints still work. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob das stimmt. Ich habe diesen "Kamera" -Trick verwendet, um meinen Zeppelin auch beim Abstieg horizontal zu halten. es funktionierte gut und konnte von jeder anderen Kamera als horizontal angesehen werden. Der Kameratrick besteht nur darin, das System zu zwingen, die Aus
  5. Maybe later for the UK-Japan version..!
  6. ... and -45° if laying down British roads (or Japanese..?) ... und -45 ° bei Verlegung britischer Straßen (oder japanischer ..?)
  7. I'd further this suggestion. As I'm building a layout, I save a first version as xxxxx_00. When I have it stable, I save, then save again as xxxxx_01, and continue building until it's once again stable. I'll save this, then save once again as xxxxx_02. This continues, incrementing each time, until I've finished the layout (but is it ever 'finished'..?). I have layouts saved as xxxxx_27, for instance. This method means that I can go back to a previous 'save point' and build differently, if I find I've made a mistake, or changed my mind (or learned something new...). If I'm really not going to w
  8. I don't know if there's any special trick to it; for my part, I just Export, using these settings, and the figures retain the pose I've set... Ich weiß nicht, ob es einen besonderen Trick gibt. Ich für meinen Teil exportiere nur mit diesen Einstellungen und die Figuren behalten die Pose bei, die ich eingestellt habe ...
  9. As a pure guess, I'd say aerodynamics, to try to reduce wind noise..? Als reine Vermutung würde ich Aerodynamik sagen, um zu versuchen, Windgeräusche zu reduzieren ..?
  10. I, too, have been experimenting with Make Human, importing the characters directly into Blender with an excellent 'add-on'. I can manipulate the bones, and have sitting, running or posed figures. The clothes in MH are far from ideal, as there is little variety, and many don't follow the bones correctly. I've taken to using a different Material system, so as to limit the number of Materials; it works, but it's a pity that the MH objects are not more easily edited. Here's a few that I've successfully imported into MBS; they all have LOD1 and LOD2, as the poly count is rather high if the level of
  11. I save after each modification, too, and have had one crash since upgrading 2.91 to 2.92. I've not seen any difference, so far. To me, it's as stable as the previous version. Ich speichere auch nach jeder Änderung und habe seit dem Upgrade von 2.91 auf 2.92 einen Absturz gehabt. Ich habe bisher keinen Unterschied gesehen. Für mich ist es so stabil wie die vorherige Version.
  12. Inasmuch as Frankenstein's Monster was unique, I suppose so. Insofern Frankensteins Monster einzigartig war, nehme ich an. ...
  13. Part of the fun (a major part, for me..!) is rising to these Challenges..! Once a couple of tips and tricks are put in place, there's much that becomes, not just possible, but easy and interesting. An example, for passengers on platforms... I have a lady with suitcase on one platform, facing the track. The train arrives, the doors open and she disappears. At the next station, the doors open and she re-appears, facing away from the train. As the train continues, she waits on one platform, arrives at another, and the sequence reverses. It's not complicated, it's just simple trickery, with (for t
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