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  1. At last..! I finally understood how a little of this stuff works..! I made, from scratch, my Tee-junction, using splines, and got it to toggle the vehicles to right and left. As the pedestrian crossings tended to create bunches of cars, these redistributes them, which is good..! Next task... Get the cars to obey the 'Stop' sign..! Here's the spline view ... Zu guter Letzt..! Ich habe endlich verstanden, wie ein bisschen von diesem Zeug funktioniert ..! Ich habe meine Tee-Kreuzung mit Keilen von Grund auf neu hergestellt und sie dazu gebracht, die Fahrzeuge nach rechts und links umzuscha
  2. I downloaded the v6 catalogue last night, over a modest 10Mb connection. It took roughly 1 hour, with the speed varying in fits and starts. I'd imagine that the speed is dictated, not by the receiver speed, but by the server-side connection. It's a one-off operation, so it didn't concern me that it took the time it took; I just did other things while it did its job. Ich habe den v6-Katalog gestern Abend über eine bescheidene 10-MB-Verbindung heruntergeladen. Es dauerte ungefähr 1 Stunde, wobei die Geschwindigkeit in Anfällen und Starts variierte. Ich würde mir vorstellen, dass die Geschwi
  3. I'm following this closely, and will be doing the same, step-by-step exercise. Good Stuff, Red Buzz (Ha..!); thanks for the clear instructions. Ich verfolge dies genau und werde die gleiche Schritt-für-Schritt-Übung machen. Gutes Zeug, Red Buzz (Ha ..!); danke für die klaren anweisungen.
  4. Better and better, although I will have to construct a few before understanding all the (excellent...) explanations. I've not yet found how to do a full Tee junction using these methods, but will keep going. How does this compare to the 'Traffic Light Tee-Junction' spline method that JimKnopf posted..? It seems, in appearance, to be much more simple, and at least has the merit of being clear and immediately visible as to what happens. Here's what I've presently got to play with... Besser und besser, obwohl ich einige konstruieren muss, bevor ich alle (ausgezeichneten ...) Erklärungen ve
  5. This sometimes happens in real life, too ..! That sometimes happens in real life too ..!
  6. Excellent..! Now for the difficult part: how..? Apparently it's not done in the same way as for the single-track, which worked. Did I start out with the wrong piece..? Did I not correctly perform the process with the right piece..? Do I need to climb a dark hillside and utter incantations to the Unseen Forces that surround us, or sacrifice an innocent lamb..? There are secrets that unfold, day by day, and I learn each time something new. Thanks for any revelation that can clear my obscurity. Ausgezeichnet..! Nun zum schwierigen Teil: wie ..? Anscheinend ist es nicht so wie beim Single-T
  7. Well, I did warn; more questions, I'm afraid, as there are still mysteries. I have managed to make a working T-junction using the single-track road. I tried to do the same with the double-track road, and don't understand what's happening. As a straight road, there are two tracks, one for each direction. When I add a 90° turn-off, it becomes single-track, down the middle where there is the dotted line. My initial goal was to create the same as the single-track T-junction, but with two tracks, as in most real roads. What am I doing wrong, please..? I've attached the Test board I'm using, which h
  8. Lexicon, indeed..! I've started experimenting, and am coming up with more questions still..! It's great to have all of this knowledge passed on, though. Maybe it should be collected into a voluminous tome, to be linked to every time a new modeler comes to the Forum. Lexikon in der Tat ..! Ich habe angefangen zu experimentieren und habe noch weitere Fragen ..! Es ist jedoch großartig, all dieses Wissen weiterzugeben. Vielleicht sollte es in einem umfangreichen Band gesammelt werden, um mit jedem verknüpft zu werden, wenn ein neuer Modellierer zum Forum kommt.
  9. Excellent..! I'd have liked to have learned of this a few weeks ago..! I'll play around with it. It won't do, I fear, for the current layout, as the roads are too wide (maybe I could try to scale them to reduce their width..? Hmm...). I can see the potential of these, though, so thanks for the clear explanation, well illustrated. Ausgezeichnet..! Ich hätte gerne vor ein paar Wochen davon erfahren ..! Ich werde damit herumspielen. Ich fürchte, es reicht für das aktuelle Layout nicht, da die Straßen zu breit sind (vielleicht könnte ich versuchen, sie zu skalieren, um ihre Breite zu verringe
  10. Hubert... Ha..! I'm retired, so am in my armchair most of the time, day and night..! I've looked at the country roads, even as splines, they are visible, and don't have a junction variant, so I can't use them on the layout I have. The closest are the Faller AMS roads; I'll see what I can do with them, making them invisible above the existing layout. Still, the most elegant solution would be pure spline, as they can be adapted for almost any topography. Keep on keeping safe in these strange times. Ha..! Ich bin im Ruhestand, also bin ich die meiste Zeit Tag und Nacht in meinem Ses
  11. Thanks, Hubert; I'll try that a bit later this evening. I can't change (or replace...) the road items already in place, which is why I've adopted splines. As for the numbers... I took the numbers from the parameter settings, put those numbers in my code and the splines shot off to another univers, almost..! I had to divide the copied numbers by 81 to get the splines in place. I would have thought that the parameter numbers (in whatever scale or units...) would be the same when using code. I'll try it again, though; maybe I messed up something somewhere. Danke, Hubert; Ich werde das etwa
  12. Good evening... Now that I have the trains running, the cars in their loops and pedestrians walking around, I'd like to improve the road layout with junctions. As the roads I have to play with are all passive '3D only', all is done with splines. I have made an experimental spline junction ('switch'..?), by lowering the unwanted splines with code like this ... Guten Abend... Jetzt, wo die Züge fahren, die Autos in ihren Schleifen und die Fußgänger herumlaufen, möchte ich das Straßenlayout mit Kreuzungen verbessern. Da die Straßen, auf denen ich spielen muss, alle passiv "nur 3D"
  13. I'm not certain to have understood the question, but, in case it helps, I have a folder each for imported .mbp files and exports, in which I create folders for each month (currently 202010 ...). As I import or export, the files are stored in their respective, dated, folders. I can't see them all at once, but I usually have some idea of how long ago any file was stored. Of course, this may change as I accumulate more and more files ..! I'm not sure if I understood the question, but if it helps, I have a folder for imported .mbp files and exports in which I create folders for each month (cu
  14. @ Markus Meier Here's one of the pedestrian crossings, with priority for pedestrians, naturally. One or more, the traffic waits patiently until all is clear, then continues. I've adjusted the accelerations a little since the video, as they all get away a little too briskly ... Here is one of the pedestrian crossings, with priority for pedestrians of course. One or more, the traffic patiently waits until everything is clear and then moves on. I've adjusted the accelerations a bit since the video, as they are all getting away with a bit too fast ... In fact, the pedestrians w
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