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    Should one check that there's not a vehicle too close to permit reversing out of the parking space, or is that, too, automatic somehow..? Just a thought... Sollte man überprüfen, dass kein Fahrzeug zu nah ist, um rückwärts aus der Parklücke zu kommen, oder geht das auch irgendwie automatisch..? Nur ein Gedanke...
  2. Dad3353


    Yes, once one understands them (by trying them out...). I'm old, I'm afraid, and haven't yet found time to do things the modern way. I would maintain that it's healthy to know how things work, at least for some. Still, 'many ways to skin a cat', eh..? There are still some reading this using v6, too..! Ja, wenn man sie einmal versteht (durch Ausprobieren...). Ich bin alt, fürchte ich, und habe noch keine Zeit gefunden, die Dinge modern zu machen. Ich würde behaupten, dass es gesund ist, zu wissen, wie die Dinge funktionieren, zumindest für manche. Trotzdem "viele Möglichkeiten, eine Katze
  3. Dad3353


    Here's my version... Parking.mbp The delicate part is setting up the switches, to be able to change the route on the road. I have my own 'convention': switch 1 is straight (like the '1', switch 0 is curved (like the '0'...). It doesn't really matter, as long as one remembers which switch gives which direction. The switches are edited in each parking space, before setting up the Track Contacts. Der heikle Teil ist das Einrichten der Weichen, um die Route auf der Straße ändern zu können. Ich habe meine eigene 'Konvention': Schalter 1 ist gerade (wie die '1', Schalter 0 ist gebogen
  4. So... Longer legs, or shorter stirrup straps..? Hmm... Maybe she should have eaten more soup. Also... Längere Beine oder kürzere Steigbügelriemen...? Hmm... Vielleicht hätte sie mehr Suppe essen sollen.
  5. Oops..! I think there's been a mistake..! Hoppla..! Ich glaube, es ist ein Fehler passiert..!
  6. I see; my system uses a different principle, with an independent Timer, so the lights can be changed for a different delay in a stroke, and stop/start automatically (no manual switch at all...). Hmm... Both work, as published. Ignore my suggestion. I'd recommend, though, having 'Auto-accelerate' 'On' for the cars, and to have a uniform 'Slow-down' speed in the deceleration contact, simply for tidiness. Another 'slow-down' speed could be useful, though, if the cars had different speeds. Just sayin'.
  7. ? ? ? Certainly, but it's working on my PC right now. Maybe I've missed something..?
  8. In the 'Switch is Toggled', you only have the 'On' Event (Traffic Light A...). Copy this to the 'Off' side of the condition, and change this copy to Traffic Light B and try again...
  9. The problem lies here ... I'll see if I can see why this error occurs...
  10. Sorry, but these are not motion capture from Olympics dressage, but simply my way of knowing that there has, indeed, been an animation created, and editable..! These are test pieces; much more is needed to get a life-like performance that MBS can accept, and it's doubtful that I'll ever have the innate qualities required, nor enough years left in me to acquire those skills. In short... Yes, I can adjust the arms. She does bob up and down as would a real Rider, though. (... and 'Yes, I know; there are no reins..!' ) Thanks for watching, and 'Respect'; I'm only kidding, really. I'm far bel
  11. Maybe I'm trying to solve a problem that needn't exist. I wanted to be able to offer separate Riders and Horses, to be able to mix'n'match. The animated Horses, with animated Riders, work together in Blender, and MBS understands them, when they're together. It's the CP that doesn't seem to follow my boned animations. I'll keep working on it, as I'm sure it'll be needed sooner or later, but here's the (non-baked...) animation in its present form. I can't simply change the Rider in MBS, though... Vielleicht versuche ich, ein Problem zu lösen, das nicht existieren muss. Ich wollte getrennte
  12. I think we've been here before, with 'Bones' and 'Pantographs'. I got that working, thanks to your descriptions and examples; I'm sure I'll be able to do it again with the Horses. The mind sometimes turns into an hour-glass, though, with the memories, like sand trickling down to the abyss below, forgotten, until the next time that the glass is refilled. Yes, I'm an egg-timer. Will it help if I stand on my head now and again..? I doubt if I could, even if I wanted to..! Ich glaube, wir waren schon einmal hier, mit 'Bones' und 'Pantographs'. Das habe ich dank Ihrer Beschreibungen und Beis
  13. Aha..! Whilst you've been posting (thanks for that; it's very useful information ...), I've been trying out stuff. I deleted the second wheel, and renamed the cylinder to not be a _Wheel for MBS. I parented the _CP_Target to the Axle ((renamed from Test_point ...), and deleted the baked animations. I made a new animation for the Cylinder, from 1 to 40, and another for the Axle, from 41 to 80. No baking ; I just exported to glb. I edited the .anim file with a line for each animation. Once created in MBS, both animations become available; here a short video of a Russian test pilot undergoing a s
  14. @max two... I'll have to recreate your example, but will be guessing as to the detail of the 'constraint' part. I can't see how that works in your Wheel; has it been over-written by the baking..? When I export the Wheel, but not as a _Wheel, I can import it into MBS as a 3D Model, and the animation can then be used manually (or by Event...). For a simple, solo animation, there is no need for the .anim file, as MBS recognises the Blender exported one. I'll have to do more trials to see if I can get multiple animation recognised; this may require the .anim file, however. I'll see. How, th
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