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Routes, consider only active switch positions


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Hello members, can I get some more explanation about this option. I understand that the route is then only laid over certain switch positions, also that this can be used if there are more than 7 switches in a route. But what is the effect of this option once the route has been set? Different without this option ?

Hallo Mitglieder, kann ich etwas mehr Erklärung zu dieser Option bekommen? Ich verstehe, dass die Fahrstraße dann nur über bestimmte Weichenstellungen gelegt wird, auch dass dies genutzt werden kann, wenn mehr als 7 Weichen in einer Fahrstraße vorhanden sind. Aber was bewirkt diese Option, nachdem die Route festgelegt wurde? Anders ohne diese Option?

Regards , Grüße , Herman

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vor 1 Stunde schrieb Herman:

But what is the effect of this option once the route has been set?

None whatsoever, Herman

It only matters while you establish a route.

  • When the option is not active, the MBS attempts to find (and present) all possible routes from start to destination.
    This may include possible round trips too, often a cause for the "too many switches" response.
  • When you activate the option, your switch settings clearly define the route you wish to take from start to destination and no automatic route finding is required.

That's the sole purpose of this option.


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