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Road Junctions

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Thank you, Herman.

There's all these neat little animations, so it's worth figuring out how to use them. It's just a shame they're called any of... "Blinker Links", "Blinker-Links", "1 Blinker Links" "xx Blinker Links" (where xx is any number from 01 to 10), or my personal favourite: "01 -  Blinker-Links" - note the two spaces after the hyphen? These really should be standardised, remove all hyphens and numbers and just call them "Blinker Links" and (of course) "Blinker Rechts". (The same applied to aircraft with opening doors, raising undercarriage etc).

It's going to be nightmare implementing this on my main layout, that has a V-Depot with over 250 road vehicles in, mostly for the variety, but also to generate rush-hour traffic jams! Because I will have to look at each vehicle individually and put the names of the animations manually into a couple of variables!

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3 hours ago, simonjackson1964 said:

"Blinker Links" and (of course) "Blinker Rechts".

Hello @simonjackson1964 , yes that those names are not always the same in all models is a pity. But comprehensible, those models are made by different people and at different times I guess. What I do : I put the correct name in a variable of that specific wagon and use that. Just an example. Kind regards, Herman




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Yes this is what I have done with the road vehicles on the test track.

A somewhat more daunting task for all those vehicles stored in that virtual depot. I'll do it because I want to, but it's a mammoth task.

And I do understand that the various vehicles were made by different people at different times, and I'm both grateful and impressed. But I still think a bit of streamlining is in order!

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2 hours ago, simonjackson1964 said:

I have a new favorite: "Fáhrtrichtungsanzeiger" With "-links" or "-rechts" on the end. That's the one on the buses!

To be fair, there are dozens of English words for these, too (blinkers, flashers, direction indicators, turn lights, semaphore arms, winkers, and probably many more still...). ;)

Um fair zu sein, gibt es auch dafür Dutzende englischer Wörter (Blinker, Flasher, Direction Indicators, Turn Lights, Semaphore Arms, Winkers und wahrscheinlich noch viele mehr ...). ;)

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