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"Evergreen" Ship has no engine. == "Evergreen" Schiff hat keinen Motor.


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Hi (blame google for mistranslations!)

A while ago I created a "test layout" to see what it would look like and if I could make it work:

Vor einiger Zeit habe ich ein "Testlayout" erstellt, um zu sehen, wie es aussehen würde und ob ich es zum Laufen bringen könnte:


Scaled up so the doors/hatches on the ship are 2m high, the ship holds 150 containers. About a tenth of what the real Evergreen ships hold, but a lot for a model.

Vergrößert, sodass die Türen/Luken auf dem Schiff 2 m hoch sind, fasst das Schiff 150 Container. Etwa ein Zehntel dessen, was die echten Evergreen-Schiffe fassen, aber viel für ein Modell.

Inspired, I decided to create a container port layout...

Inspiriert beschloss ich, ein Containerhafen-Layout zu erstellen ...


Still a work in progress, obviously... But the ship I'm using only holds 60 containers when scaled up so the sailers can go inside without banging their heads.

Offensichtlich noch in Arbeit ... Aber das Schiff, das ich benutze, fasst nur 60 Container, wenn es vergrößert wird, damit die Segler hineingehen können, ohne sich den Kopf zu stoßen.

I'd love to use the Evergreen, but it has no engine. I can't put a "dummy loco" in it because that would cause issues with the tug pushing the ship to the dock and pulling it away again... Or at least it would make life a lot more complex.

Ich würde gerne den Evergreen benutzen, aber er hat keinen Motor. Ich kann keine "Dummy-Lok" darin einbauen, weil das Probleme mit dem Schlepper verursachen würde, der das Schiff zum Dock schiebt und wieder wegzieht ... Oder zumindest würde es das Leben viel komplexer machen.

Is it possible to add an engine to the Evergreen, so she runs as a vehicle?

Ist es möglich, der Evergreen einen Motor hinzuzufügen, damit sie als Fahrzeug läuft?


Vielen Dank


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18 hours ago, simonjackson1964 said:

Ich kann keine "Dummy-Lok" darin einbauen

Hello Simon, I was wondering why you do not want to use a dummy vehicle ? Maybe SX1 from the catalog ?  Or more direct

18 hours ago, simonjackson1964 said:

because that would cause issues with the tug pushing the ship to the dock and pulling it away again...

I probably misunderstand your reason ?
Can you explain why the tug give this problem if you use also a dummy for the container ship ?

Kind regards, Herman

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The ship comes into the harbour, and to avoid smacking the bow on the arbour wall, it stops parallel to the quay, a distance away. This activates the tug, which chugs around on it's own hidden track until it reaches an accurately placed contact, where it stops, bow against the side of the container ship. I attach the ship to the tug, which of course detaches it from the rails it was on. The tug then starts up again, and "pushes" the ship until it hits the quayside, then stops. I attach the ship to the water surface so it moves with the tide and the tug retreats back to it's own moorings.

If I used a dummy loco to move the ship, it would be left invisible in the "arrival" track, which feels wrong to me.... I suppose it could work, but I have this fear of loosing the dummy loco.

Also, the ships with motors behave like bogie wagons when going around corners, while a ship with a dummy loco behaves like a rally car on ice!

Even with the loco in the middlethere is a significantly greater overlap at bow and stern. With the loco at one end or other, forget it!



So put the dummy loco in the middle of the ship....

This would mean having a separate stop contact for the Evergreen at each dock, and events to detect which ship is at the contact and either stop it or let it pass through. Putting the dummy loco at the front means the ship's stern swings wide as above.

One final issue with this: The dummy loco in the middle doesn't enter a block until the ship is already half way in, while he motorised vehicle ship enters it straight away. The dummy loco leaves a block while the back half of the ship is still in it, while the motorised ship leaves the block once the stern is past the waypoint and not before. This causes lots of collisions when trying to run more than one ship at once. I even tried attaching wagons to the loco. That sort of worked, but requires the loco to be at the front...

Can't think of any more off the top of my head. What I do know is that I scrapped the entire layout and started again from scratch with the blue and red "Frachtschiff" ship that I build a container bay for.

One last question: could the ships be re-scaled? Put the Captain by one of the hatches on either of the above two ships and he has to duck to get in. Scale them to 1.2 and they work nicely.

Cheers, Simon.

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