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Error when vehicle with cockpit camera on dissapears in a depot

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error cockpit camera used.mbp

Hello, I came in multiple errors that killed the runtime of V8. Here a little layout to provoke it. Some help please.

  • This layout can run for a long time at high speed without error.
  • Now, put for one of the bikers the cockpit camera on.
  • When he/she dissapears to the depot, this error may occur. ( if there are bikes waiting at the collision point )
  • There is nothing wrong with the code sending to depot or the code for releasing out of the depot, because : when we set the code for the collision ( red track contact ) off, then there is no error at all. So in that case the bike can dissapear in the depot with the cockpit camera on, no problem. 

Hallo, ich bin auf mehrere Fehler gestoßen, die die Laufzeit von V8 beeinträchtigt haben. Hier ein kleines Layout, um es zu provozieren. Bitte um Hilfe.

  • Dieses Layout kann lange Zeit fehlerfrei mit hoher Geschwindigkeit laufen.
  • Jetzt schalten Sie für einen der Biker die Cockpit-Kamera ein.
  • Wenn er/sie im Depot verschwindet, kann dieser Fehler auftreten. (wenn Fahrräder am Kollisionspunkt warten)
  • Es ist nichts Falsches daran, den Code zum Senden an das Depot oder den Code zum Freigeben aus dem Depot zu verwenden, denn: Wenn wir den Code für die Kollision (roter Gleiskontakt) ausschalten, liegt überhaupt kein Fehler vor. In diesem Fall kann das Fahrrad also problemlos mit eingeschalteter Cockpitkamera im Depot verschwinden.

Regards, Herman



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I just had this exact same error... Having worked in IT debugging code, I know hat as much info as possible is always useful. In my case the vehicle camera was riding with an Uerdinger railbus driving trailer at the rear of a train (8EAE538A-BC34-41F6-A7B8-F22657F063EF), and was turned to look backwards through the cab windows.


I doubt if that last bit is significant, I suspect the error occurs when a cab camera is active on a non motorised vehicle? Anyway, you already know about it, this is just corroborative evidence, if you like...

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On 5/24/2023 at 6:47 PM, simonjackson1964 said:

active on a non motorised vehicle

On 5/24/2023 at 6:47 PM, simonjackson1964 said:


Hello @simonjackson1964 ,

Since my bicycle is - for the studio a motorised vehicle - , and since that id nr does not exist ( anymore ? ) in the catalog, I was just wondering where exact your  layout causes the error. I want to compare with the error above mentioned in the little layout. ( * )
But for sure @Neo is repairing it for the next update, so not so important. 

Kind regards, Herman

* It happens when the bicycle with camera on dissapears in the depot, but only if that other code at the junction is also active, if not, the error does not appear.

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