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I would very much appreciate someone kindly advising me what the following means "no free space in front of depot". This message appears when I try to transfer a train from one depot to another. The EV should be right as it all worked fine until I decided to simplify the V.D. track layout to which I was sending trains. Clearly I have made a mistake somewhere but the error phrase does not make it clear as wher4e the error is. There is nothing on the track preceding the V.D. to which the train is being sent to.

Puzzled Pete


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Hello puzzled Pete,

vor einer Stunde schrieb 220hotwheels:

"no free space in front of depot"

... means that the depot was told to eject a vehicle but the space in front of the depot was currently occupied.

And you cannot transfer a train from one depot to another.
But you can tell a train that's housed in depot A to exit through depot B

hope that helps?
If not I'd like to look at the layout and see with my own eyes what's happening.


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Hi Goetz

Many thanks for your reply and advice.  Transfer was a poor choice of word, apologies, I was aware that you could only exit from one depot to another. 

Since I posted my enquiry I went back to basics on that particular element of track, previously I had simply copied and pasted the track from another that worked OK but by deleting that copied track and replacing it with a completely new one all began to work well. Yet another lesson learnt!!!

Whilst I have only previously dabbled with Virtual Depots I am now making a concentrated effort to maximise on their potential in the hope that I might then be able to create a sophisticated layout that does not exceed 3000kb, all my other ones are over 5000kb.

So the little grey cells are once more replenished, so onwards and upwards.


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