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  1. No because filtered mails go into a special directory. But, OK now I know where to look for such answer to a bug report and this is the most important for the moment. Thank you André
  2. Sorry Neo, but I received no e-mail at my address. André
  3. Hi Neo Sorry, but where can I find your answer? Regards André
  4. hello Yesterday, I've tried the demo in V5 : it works fine! But when I try to open one of my personnel layout, MBS refuses to load it, asking to restart the 3d application. Even after this has been done, the result remain the same : impossible to load the following layout : test trigger 9.mbp Have I to do something in my layout to force it to be accepted? Remarks : I already send an "error report" concerning this problem. Thank you André
  5. To all Thank you for this good news! I will download the V5 immidiatelly and I will come back to you. André
  6. Hi Michael, Thank you for your intervention, but my proposal is to translate the inner documentation from the layout MBS V5 Demo-Anlage 20190604 in order to help other users having some difficulties with German. Regards André
  7. Hello BahnLand, I didn't know that Trigger1 & 2 will disapear in the next version. Sh.... However, I'm waiting this version for a certain time and, yes, it is a problem for me as I don't read German. Is it possible today for you to send me that description so that I can translate it in english and french and send to you the results so that one can include it into the demo layout? Thank you André
  8. Hello, I'm happy to present here a layout (not too complex) where I've tried to limit the number of different events. And the objective is to use this approach for bigger layout without the need to add new events. The events cover the following goals : 1. Decide and pilot a train at the entry of a station : this will be executed in a section called "Decision" and the event, depending on a predefined itinerary defined as the "object.variable" trajet into the object of the engine. The decision that has to be taken is : - to which next section must the train go?
  9. Thank you BahnLand This was what I expected as result. Regards André
  10. Hello, Am I right when I say that the "Action if not met" refers only to the conditions of the Event and NOT to the evaluation for the triggering of the Event? Example : Variable A = 9 Train enters a track - vehicule : any - track : track1 Conditions : none Action when met : set variable A = 1 Action when not met : set variable A = 0 In the event above, the variable A will never be 0 because the Event will only be triggered when the train effectively enters the track track1. Is this correct? Train enters a track - vehicule : any - track : $_Trigger2
  11. Hello Andy, Sorry to be so stupid, but I still don't understand how you do the evaluation of a condition. Could you be so kind to explain it in more details, please. Thank you André
  12. Andy, You are right! Because I set at least one variable in both cases (MET and NOT MET), the event is always executed. So, sorry for my remarks and suggestions. But then, how to follow the sequence of the test conditions, without setting a variable or something else? Or is it impossible? André
  13. Andy, I discover that the events are executed even if nothing happens! For example if all engines are stopped! This is due to the internal logic that executes the events conditions, no matter if something happens on the corresponding material. This impacts the time needed for 3d to terminate one cycle. My suggestion is the following : 1. any object that may be referenced in an event should be marked (0= inactive / 1= active) depending on the fact that something happens on that object 2. when the object mark is positive (ie = 1), run the event where that object is
  14. Andy, I just discover now (!!!??) that the "action if not met" occurs at the same time as the "action if met" in the same event. This is great for debugging. Thank you a lot! Regards André
  15. Andy, Of course, I know this option, but set "not met" as the condition for an event means that the actions will take place if the answer to the question is YES. I use it to restart a timer, for example, when the conditions aren't met. But now, I suppose that you suggest to duplicate the events and invert them to "not met"; changing than the value for the "trace" variable will show what happened. Is it correct? André
  16. Hi Andy, I'm sorry, but I don't understand your turnover 573 / 574. Do you mean that the "set variable" is executed even if the event's conditions aren't met? Currently, I introduce a "tracing" : in each event, I have a "set variable trace = a specific text". So I can follow the events that are executed. With this tracing, I also add the 2 following instructions : set variable Trigger1 = $_Trigger1._Name set variable Trigger2 = $_Trigger2._Name and so, for the executed events, I know fo sure the value of those 2 special variables. Regards
  17. Hello I would like to know if there is a "log file" resulting from the execution of a layout. I know that the plugin "3dts*EV-Troubleshooting" exists, but the resulting log is not complete. For example, events that aren't executed due to the conditions not met aren't displayed in this log. Also, the sequence of the execution of the different events on a specific timeframe is not shown. The plugin only display the executed actions; not the test of the conditions! ==> very difficult to test the events in these conditions. I hope one has a solution for me! Than
  18. Hello Neo, When will the version 5 be available? I ask this because, as you probably know, I'm trying to automate my layout with as few events as possible, taking the special logic of 3d (conditions first, actions after) into account. And I would like to know if these efforts are a good way and if they will not be made useless with the new version. Thank you André
  19. Hi Neo, Ok! But now, as the corresponding plugin is well present in the official catalog and all needed documentation has been removed, what will be your solution therefore. Don't you have a copy of these pages? This enforces my position concerning the plugins : they must be grouped in one official place including all their relevent info and documentations. This place has to be managed by official responsible persons of 3D studio to guaranty their perenity. So, one can give to the users a warranty for these additional programs. What is your position about this, Neo? Best re
  20. Hello, These 3 addresses point to "address unavailable". WHY? André
  21. Andy, I agree! Ultimate_Variable_editor is not a plugin, but it should be as it is very usefull for everybody. That is the question I cannot answer. Are there some "unknown" plugins or even ".exe" that can be usefull? Only the MBS managers, maybe, know that. But, OK! I think that this point could now be closed. I gave my opinion; nothing more. Best regards André
  22. Hi Andy To answer to that question : in the Wiki or somewhere immidiatelly available to all users without being obliged to search evrywhere through the whole forum. Is this so complicate? André
  23. Thank you Andy, What about my second point? Regards André
  24. Last info concerning MBS_Variable_Editor : it works, I finally reduced its window and... Now... It is in FRENCH! How is this possible??? Regards André
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