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  1. Hello everybody (German follows) I think it's now time to explain what I'm trying to build. Please have a look at the simple layout below. The objectif is to create a 'TCO' as being exactly the same as the normal layout (tracks, switches,signals, engines, railcars, etc...), but at a very small scale. In the layout, the scale of the 'TCO' is 20%. First, do you think that this way to create a 'TCO' is a good idea? This should permit to the user to have a view on the whole layout, inclusive trains and rail & freight cars that are not visible on the normal layout (hidden stat
  2. Hello everybody (German follows) Many thanks for all explanations and help you provided to me. I think it's now time to ewplain what I'm trying to build. Please have a look at the simple layout below. The objectif is to create a 'TCO' as being exactly the same as the normal layout, but at a very small scale. In the layout, the scale of the 'TCO' is 20%. First, do you think that this way to create a 'TCO' is a good idea? This should permit to the user to have a view on the whole layout, inclusive trains and rail & freight cars. But, and you now will understand my obsessi
  3. Hallo Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe, aber ich sehe nicht, wie Sie Ihre Lösungen anwenden können. Bitte beachten Sie das folgende Layout. Die Frage ist im Text enthalten. Danke André
  4. Hello (german follows) Thank you for your help, but I don't see how to apply your solutions. Please consider the layout below. The question is contained in the text. Thanks André multiple switches control.mbp
  5. Hello Metallix Thank you for your answer, but this will not help me as I want to execute the switching WITHOUT programming this inside an event. Imagine a TCO actionned by a serie of buttons. When I turn the button linked to a switch on the TCO, I hope also to turn the related switch on the layout too. I hope this is possible. Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort, aber das wird mir nicht helfen, da ich die Umschaltung OHNE Programmierung innerhalb eines Ereignisses ausführen möchte. Stellen Sie sich eine TCO-Aktion vor, die von einer Reihe von Schaltflächen ausgeführt wird
  6. Hello, I would like to connect a control object to more than one other objets. Fo example, I would change the direction of different switches with ONE clic on one control at the same time. Is this possible? Thank you André _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hallo, (atomatic translate) Ich möchte ein Kontrollobjekt mit mehr als einem anderen Objekt verbinden. Zum Beispiel würde ich die Richtung der verschiedenen Schalter mit EINEM Klick auf eine Steuerung gle
  7. Hi Neo, May I ask you to answer to the former question, please. Thank you André
  8. Hi, Is there someone to answer to the questions, please?? Thank you André
  9. Hello, Happy new year to everybody, My question : after exporting event from one layout, is it possible to import it back to another layout? Thank you in advance for your help André
  10. Hello Neo, Happy new year. I've read a lot of documentation at both sides (mean 3DTS & CDM-Rail) and I cannot see the way to build a bridge between the two. However, you do it well with RocRail. Do you think that it would be possible to get the link to the sources of this plugin or is it copyright. Thank you anyway for your help. André
  11. Hi Neo, 1. Where can I find a sample of a plugin? 2. In what langage must it be written? 3. To answer to your question, CDM-Rail has a "communication protocol" communicating via IP; is this ok to communicate with 3D? Regards André
  12. Hello, CDM-Rail acts as a 2D track planner having the final purpose to drive a real layout. The plugin I would like to build should be an interface between CDM-Rail and 3D train studio exactly as the Rocstudio works as an interface between Rocrail & 3D train studio. In other words, this plugin should be able to translate the incoming instructions from CDM-Rail into events and orders in 3D train studio. CDM-Rail will probably consider 3D train studio as a real layout and will manage it. Thank you for your help André
  13. Hallo, hier ist die Übersetzung (von Google) für Sie Hallo, Ich habe einige Fragen zum Erstellen eines neuen Plugins für CDM-Rail: 1. Ist es möglich? 2. Ist das akzeptabel? 3. Wenn ja, was sind die Voraussetzungen für die Erstellung? 4. Wer kann / darf es erstellen? 5. Was sollte von der Bot-Seite bekannt sein: 3D Train Studio & CDM-Rail? Vielen Dank für Ihre Rückkehr und Ihre Hilfe Grüße André
  14. Hello, I have some questions about creating a new plugin to CDM-Rail : 1. Is-it possible ? 2. Is it acceptable ? 3. When yes, what are the requirements to create it ? 4. Who is able/authorized to create it ? 5. What should be known by bot side : 3D train studio & CDM-Rail ? Thank you for your returns and your help Regards André
  15. Hello Kees Happy that you may go further. Please let me know your progress because, up to now, I encountered some difficulties with the route planner. Regards André
  16. Finally, the correct path to the templates is http://www.aaadbs.com/mbs_controller/#templates.zip André
  17. Sorry, the link to the templates in my previous post does not work. Instead, from the document "3D Train Studio™MBS_Controller Plug-In Home Page" click on "TIMER TEMPLATE" and then on "Template" Under the picture. You will be directed to the correct place to select your Template. Regards André
  18. Hello, I finaly foud a method for loading the appropriate Template. Do the following : search the templates for your scale at the following adress : http://www.aaadbs.com/mbs_controller/Templates.zip open the Template you need for your scale, for example MBS_Controller_Template_N.mbp for scale N save this Template into your layout directory using the "save as" buttom and give it the name you want open your own layout that you plan to translate to MBS controller Press "Past from + Layout" from the edit menu, select the template's name you just saved. Press e
  19. Hello, The problem is elsewhere. When I said "I never save it"I mean I never save it to the community! But, in fact, each time before closing the application, I saved my project using the "SAVE" buttom. BUT I discovered that installing the 3D software from scratch after a "clean Windows installation makes the saved projects unavaillable to the new 3D application. It seems that in this case, I'm considered as a NEW user instead of a old one restarting from a new 3D installation. If i'm right, please tell me how to get my projects back.
  20. Hello, About 2 weeks ago, I was quite finishing the design of my layout Z-ADM-JAN-8-2018. And my computer falls down! I needed 2 weeks and some helps to repair and now, I'm back. BUT I couldn't find my layout back. Unfortunatally, I never save it and distribute in the community (It wasn't ready yet!). Question : How to retreive my layout or is it cancelled for some reason? Thank you André
  21. Hi, I try to use your step-by-step tutorial and I'm directly stopped : 1. The MBS_Controller_Template could not be found 2. - I start the empy project and the MBS_controller plugin - I am connected to "contrôleur de MBS V: - connected - Loading project - I let the scale to HO and I press OK - This results in a annel with 4 errors and 3 warnings and the project is not loaded - The status becomes "Not ready" ==> my question is : what am I doing wrong. Thank you in advance for helping. Regards André
  22. Hi, I've currently the last professional version installed on my PC under Windows 10 and it works great. I also have an Ipad and I would like to know if it is possible to install the same version of 3D studio on this apple tablet and to share my projects. Thank you for your help André
  23. Hello, Finally, I found a "solution" : the lower tracks are fixed on the "lower panel"; the highter track are fixed to the "upper panel". Before adapting the terrain for the upper tracks, move the "lower panel" aside. So the "adjust terrain" will stop at the "upper panel"
  24. Hello Hubert, Thank you for the help. Yes, I have an hidden station (low level) and some tracks higher but at the same x & y displacement and also my central station in the middle. So, I tried putting the holes but, due to the size of the holes (min 50), these are too large and I need to add a plate just under the upper tracks to hide the holes (see picture). So, if you have a more efficient solution, I will follow it.
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