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  1. Hi Easy Many thanks for your explanation... It is great! But, really, my problem remains when the 2 traks overlaps each other like in the pictures below. Thank you André
  2. Hello, I have another problem : when a track comes over another one (different height) with the option 'adjust terrain", the lower track is covered with the new ground. The question is : how to adjust the terrain below a track up to a defines height or until raising a panel? Thank you André
  3. Hi Easy Many thanks for your help... It works great. Regards
  4. Hello, I already drow a more or less complex layout in CDM and I would be happy if it is possible to import an image 2D (BMP, JPG ) for each level in 3D tranStudio. Example fo level 5 : the hidden station to be implemented on the basic plate. Thank you for your help. Sorry, but I do not speak nor read german. Regards André
  5. Hello, I'm a new user of 3D train and I need to know if there is a way to define a plate, different from the basic one, and attached to a specific layer. My objective is to have a hiden station residing on the basic plate (Z=zero) and a central station defined at a height of +50 mm, attached to a specific layer. Actually, the solely option I've discovered is "Adjust track" to be defined for the central station's tracks. In the mean time, I've discover how to do this but now, the next question is : How to install a plate just behind the tracks of an helical helix? Thank you
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