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STOP - WAIT x second - START


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Hello everyone,

I have just bought 3D TS and I love it.

The Forum being in German and Google translate not translating properly the posts in this forum, I would like to ask a very simple question:
- How would you "program" the Event Control screen if you want a locomotive to wait a certain amount of time then starts again ? I am able to stop the locomotive (no problem!), I am even able to use a lever + signal (yes ! ) but that I have NO idea how to make the locomotive wait for x amount of second (without any signal etc... just SIMPLE stop - wait and go.


Many many thanks in advance.


Virginia, USA

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Hello Oliver,

see the following example:



Add to the event, which stops the train, an additional action, which starts a timer. Specify there the waittime, after that the timer should expire (10 seconds in the example above). Specify a further event, which occurs when the timer expires. Start the train with the action of this event.

Many greetings from Munich


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Hello Oliver,

it is easy to do it, you must create a countdown (timer)

I append an example.

Regards, Henry


Some Details:

The countdown (tiimer) is an action in the event manager, which is not apparent at first glance. It's just there and slumbers to itself. It is a function in the event management, which is only defined when you start a countdown. You can do that in any event. It initially does not matter that you and the 3D-TM do not know the countdown.  

To use the countdown, you need 2 events in Event Management:  

The first event is required to play the countdown to start,  

The second event you need to ensure that the 3D-TS knows what to do when the countdown ends. If this second event is not created, nothing happens.  

When the action 'Start countdown' is called, you can either use a known name in the selection field or enter a new name. The name must not be blank or empty. Nothing just has no effect. Then you must only specify the duration and the new countdown is finished. It will then appear in the selection list.  

Edited by Henry
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